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Jeanine Del Carlo Shares Her Passion In Her Single “Love U”

Jeanine Del Carlo is the next rising sensation whose message is to embrace an inspiring act of unbreakable faith, love, and perseverance. She delivers this exact message in her classic, timeless sounding single “Love U."

“Love U” was a very contextual song with different elements that attracted us. The beat had a fusion of 90s R&B with a funky beat-box sounding drum kick. The production of “Love U” creates a unique genre-bending sound that can appeal to a diverse crowd.

Jeanine Del Carlo’s soft speaking singing tone added a delicate vocal dimension to “Love U”, which is perfect for the romantic atmosphere the song curates. We loved how the lyrics in “Love U” represent Jeanine Del Carlo’s aesthetic as an artist.

The passionate songwriting can enable the perfect mood for the listener to reflect on that special someone in their life. That’s the art of music. Creating stories that people can relate to and painting images in our head.

Jeanine Del Carlo has an authentic way of using music as her canvas and “Love U” was a majestic outcome of this.

If you are looking for new romantic bops to add to your eclectic playlists, “Love U” has arrived and is ready for placement.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jeanine Del Carlo! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about where you are from and your background?

Born in San Mateo, CA as an only child to my Mom, Debbie, and my Dad, John. From the minute I came onto the planet music filled my life. From the age of 3, I started singing with my tape recorder and doing the moonwalk to Billie Jean. I thank God each day for my Mom and Dad’s love of music. My Dad, an Opera singer whose career took off right as I turned 5 yrs old became the adventure of a lifetime for our family. We packed up and moved to Germany and lived there for a few years. 

I looked up to my Mom and Dad in so many ways, their warmth, their love of our family, my Dad’s amazing voice, and how he loved to perform. We listened to and sang all types of music all the time as a family from Puccini, Mozart, Michael Jackson, Phill Collins, The Eagles, Celine Dion and so many more. After Germany we moved every 2-3 years starting in Florida, Massachusetts, then Connecticut till I turned 14 and we settled in Oregon for my high-school and some college. Moving became harder as I got older because the kids would get meaner and form cliques. The movie “Mean Girls” had it right. So being the new girl all the time became quite the challenge. I started a choir, dance, and painting at the age of 7 and never stopped. I write all my lyrics that started out as poems from my life. Some songs are to empower people to love themselves and their life, some are from the pain of losing my heart has felt, and some are from the love and beauty that is life.

Most of my childhood gave me the most magical times, but with life, there is also pain. 

My Mom became diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I turned 11 yrs old and that shook our family so deep. She did go into remission but it came back when I turned 17. It broke my Dad and my spirit that year and I fell into a deep depression. I’m not afraid to talk about mental health as it’s been a huge part of my life and healing. My Mom lost her battle to cancer when I became 19 and from then till age 30ish I went off the deep end. I developed an eating disorder, numbed myself with sex, drugs, and became a monster at times. I share all of this with you because all around the world people go through challenging times and when you look at someone they might look all put together but we never know what’s going on. 

I hope as a human race we can give empathy, compassion, and understanding of each other’s pain and joys in life. I hope my music gives you hope and love if you are going through a challenging time.

At 21 I moved to Los Angeles to follow my visions of being an entertainer. I did some acting and also went into the recording studio for the first time to record my first 6 song demo. Those are some of my favorite moments. I had some of my Pop and R&b songs placed on the T.V show “Rizzoli & Isles” through Warner Music. That meant so much to my Dad and me. I performed all over Los Angeles from The Whisky A Go Go to The Viper Room and created 2 albums. Without the love and support of my parents, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

I had to move home from LA in 2016 when my Dad called me and told me he had stage 4 tongue cancer and that crushed me in every way. I moved home and spent every second I could with him and became his nurse until I lost him in October 2016. My heart has broken in places I didn’t know were there. I share all of this with you so you can get to know all of me, not just the shiny parts of me. I am a changed woman and do my best each day to become a living soul even when I’m tested. 

Let’s talk about your music and this single “Love U”. Considering the message you’re aiming for is embracing the emotions we feel with faith and love, in what ways was this reflected in the lyricism for “Love U”?

When I moved to LA I went shopping and found this plaque that says “Faith.” 

I have faith in the transformation of our world through faith and love. I wrote the lyrics to “Love U” not long after I lost my Dad. This song became years in the making. It’s about loving someone so much but not knowing them at the same time. It’s about relationships with my friends, romantic relationships, and family relationships. The world became so loud after I lost my Dad and I became a homebody. Keeping my mind right became a challenge. I kept praying, kept the faith in my heart that even though my world was falling apart, my dreams of being a full-time singer and songwriter would still see the light of day. 

This song is about the whole world coming together. We must be good for our brothers and sisters. It’s also about growth, learning from your mistakes, loving someone so deeply, all of them, and being there for them as they grow and change.

In what ways were you inspired to create “Love U”? Were there any specific moments in your life that best reflected this single motive? Care to share?

I wrote and created “Love U” from two different stages of my life. I’ve got so much music in the works that I think I created this beat somewhere between 2012-2015. When I started to write again at home in Oregon the lyrics came out in 10 min. The moments that created this song are from a few things. One is being misunderstood and the pain of losing both my parents is what inspired me to write “Love U.” There’s a lyric that goes “When did you get the right to try and make people feel small?” I’ve had so many moments in my life where people have tried to make me feel less than, or be mean, or be nice to my face but then talk behind my back. I’ve learned that people act like this because they are in pain and in need of love and attention. My Mom taught me when people are mean, be loving anyway and take the high road. There’s another lyric that came from moments in my life that I feel strongly about. 

“When did our lives become games? Had I known, had I understood the rules of life, you know I’d think twice.” One of the things I will not respect or condone is anyone’s life being a “game.” It’s sad to think that someone is using you as a game. It takes humanity right out of the equation and I won’t support treating people like they are a game.

We’re anticipating the release of your upcoming album “Love U”. Can you hint to us what theme we can expect with this overall project?

Thank you so much BuzzMusic and all of you beautiful people for allowing me to share my music, history, and art with you. I can’t wait to give you my album “Love U.” It will be out sometime in 2021. It’s a fusion of Pop, R&B, Soul, Electronic, and Dance music. For the theme, well that’s a secret but just know that love and unity are my main goals when I share my music. Till next time, I send my love to you, shine bright, you are a gift to this world, and have faith in you. Love, Jeanine

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

This year I’ve been staying inspired by being out in nature. Going for walks with my dog looking at the beautiful trees, birds singing, butterflies, squirrels playing, the flowers blooming and breathing in the fresh air. I’ve also created a lot of new songs, some of them are slated for my new album and some of them will be on my next album after “Love U.” I’ve also been learning to become a better songwriter on the piano and dancing in my home each week to keep the flow of creativity. I’ve also spent time with one or two friends that we’ve all sort of quarantined together. I pray for our world that we can heal and be loving to one another. Shine bright, you are loved. 



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