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Jeff Taylor Reminds Us Of Hot Summer Days With, "Like Gold"

South Jamaica, Queens native, singer-songwriter, rapper, and recording artist Jeff Taylor turns up the vibe with his sweet and exciting single, "Like Gold."

Most inspired by the community, culture, and sounds of his hometown, Jeff Taylor aspires to perform and create music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum. Known for his diverse melodies, compositions, and raw lyrics, there's something special about Jeff Taylor's artistry that keeps us coming back for more.

Taking us back to the warm summer days with his groovy single, "Like Gold," listeners can hear a passionate and charismatic Jeff Taylor serenade us with his sparkling vocals while jumping into his rhythmic flow with the utmost confidence and poise. Jeff Taylor has a very approachable performance style; he makes it easy to listen, understand, and feel the music he brings to the masses.

Diving into his heartfelt and bright single, "Like Gold," the track kicks into gear with a fluttery synth arrangement and warm keyboard melodies alongside Jeff Taylor's soothing vocal stylings. As we jump into a warm Afrobeat-type groove, Jeff Taylor delivers his rhythmic vocals while showcasing his passion and desire for someone special.

Jeff Taylor takes our breath away when jumping into the fiery verse with his dominant flow that keeps us moving and grooving. We truly adore the song's light-hearted and exciting vibe; it reminds us of picturesque summer evenings by the seaside, drink in hand, and worries left behind. As Jeff Taylor grooves his way to the song's end, he leaves us wanting more of such a warm and moving sound.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jeff Taylor. We adore the uplifting and exciting sound of your groovy single, "Like Gold." What inspired you to create such a passionate and bright piece?

The inspiration came from just a place of experience. We all have that stage of infatuation, where someone catches our eye, our attention, it’s sort of like love at first sight feel. This song was a descriptive explanation of such, seeing someone and comparing the dynamics of their beauty to the physics of gold. One of a kind, love at first sight, and I want you to be mine.

Was it easy to write your passionate and heartfelt lyrics/bars for "Like Gold"? Do you often write your songs with ease?

The actual process for writing did come in a very natural and unforced way. As most of my best songs come with ease, I had just parked in front of the studio and I was going in there with nothing, no ideas, no beats, or anything just playing my beatstars app scrolling through a list of producers hoping for something to stick, and as soon as it came on I kind of harmonized “Love’ll make you blind I know” and after that everything clicked. I went from stressing the entire ride to the studio trying to find something to write to, to then getting to the studio and just having everything flow with ease, I then purchased the beat recorded the song, and here we are now.

Who produced the groovy and exciting Afrobeat-like production for "Like Gold"? What vibe did you want the sonics to give off?

The producer for the record is a producer that goes by the name of ‘Young Taylor’. I don’t know him personally but I’ve worked with him in the past on songs like ‘No Girlfriend’ and ‘Keep it G’ [unreleased]. The vibe I wanted the song to give off was basically just a feel-good vibe, the same way as in the record I talk about ‘love, at first sight, is the same way I wanted listeners to hear the song, love at first listen. Something unique, refreshing, and memorable.

What do you hope to make your audience feel when listening to "Like Gold"?

I just want people to feel good, I want people to feel connected to the song and be one with the song as I am. I want women to feel as if I’m talking to them, to boost their confidence, morale and realize their worth is like gold. I want males to feel as if they would dedicate this record to a female who makes them feel that love at first sight feels. Overall I want everyone to feel the positivity of the record and have it put them in a positive space whether they're driving to work, listening in the gym or it randomly comes on shuffle.


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