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Jeffrey Marley Hypnotizes His Listener With “Cursed”

Jeffrey Marley is a 24-year-old aspiring artist from Seattle Washington whose been rapping and making music his entire life. He released his single titled “Cursed” and be prepared to get Hype! Even the introduction starts to get you anticipated for what’s to come. Right when he Mayweather strikes his listener with his bars, delivery, and opening verse, you’re experiencing a complete knockout! And now you’re dazed inside the music, feeling the curse of the record!

Jeffrey Marley generates the right kind of passion for “Cursed” and it’s elevating throughout the record. He makes sure his listener feels every aspect of the song, alongside lyrically compelling us. Jeffrey Marley is a rapper in his own lane. He doesn’t sound like anybody that’s out right now, instead, he feels more like a classic rapper. This individual artistry of his will take him very far in a rap industry that’s currently overcrowded. The focused production and strident delivery are probably one of my personal favorite elements of “Cursed”. There’s nothing I love more than a passionate underground rapper who has the attitude, charisma, and talent. They seem to be a lot more dedicated in the field of rap and puts in twice the work to make their name be heard. This is exactly what Jeffrey Marley did, but one question remains.. Will this new rising great be consistent with the quality music? Only time will tell!

Listen to "Cursed" here and get to know more about Jeffrey Marley below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jeffrey! Do you have any inspirations or influences for your artistry and music!?

My biggest influences in rap would be outkast, kid cudi, and lil Wayne. They really helped me mold my own style and growing up that’s all I really listened to.

You have a super dope lyrical appeal to you. how would you describe your songwriting approach?

When I approach writing a song I really just use all of my experiences from the past, I also speak to what’s going on in my life at that moment. It’s really everything that has happened to me and around me.

We loved your record “Cursed”! tell us about this and why you chose to write it?

Cursed came from the dark part of my mind. I was going through a lot at the time I wrote that and it was really me seeing my future and bypassing the dark cloud that sometimes floats over me. 

If you could collaborate with ANY artist of your choice, who would it be and why!?

My first choice for a collab would be Andre 3000. I feel we could do something amazing if we hit the booth and he’s one of my role models for sure.

Thank you for sharing your music with us, Jeffrey! Any more hits on the way?

I’m in the booth 25/8. Music Is my life therefore I cannot stop making hits as long as I breathe so expect a lot more soon!!


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