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Jeristotle Teases Debut Album With New Singles & Exclusive Access To Early Listening

From Virginia to Corpus Christi, Texas, is hip-hop entrepreneur and lyricist Jeristotle with a treat for new and familiar fans alike.

Not only is the compelling artist releasing new singles from his upcoming debut album every month, but you can win the chance to hear the ENTIRE record with an exclusive Golden Key USB.

But who is Jeristotle? Get ready to add another artist to your must-watch list for 2024 because he's making a grand entrance to the music scene with a comprehensive debut album, The Birth Of An Artist. It drops on his 40th birthday, reminding him that it's never too late to express yourself and chase your dreams.

"Success, to me, is measured by the positive impact I can have on others rather than the number of streams or the money it generates," states Jeristotle. "This album is a culmination of my life's experiences, and I believe it has the power to change lives for the better." Want first dibs on the early listening experience? Click here and enter to win 1 of 5,000 FREE, limited edition Golden Key USBs.

Here's one track off the project that's already made waves. "They Sold Me On The TV" was the first tune released off The Birth Of An Artist, and it sets the bar pretty damn high. Not only does Jeristotle embody this authentic, laidback demeanor that's easy to vibe with, but his rhythmic, catchy bars carry some weight of their own - a testament to his commitment to inspiring positive change through music.

Jeristotle is OK with getting the message across loud and clear: he's not conforming to commercial industry norms but carving his unique path rooted in a genuine inspiration for creating music. In other words, he's one of the realest indie hip-hop acts in today's music scene, and "They Sold Me On The TV" is a prime example.

Hear this song (and many more) with a limited edition Golden Key USB featuring Jeristotle's debut album, The Birth Of An ArtistEnter here and find available singles like "They Sold Me On The TV" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Jeristotle! We genuinely appreciate your authentic listening experience with your recent single, "They Sold Me On The TV." What inspired your bars and the overall concept of this track?

The inspiration behind my bars and the overall concept of this track stems from my extensive experience in the music industry. Having run a music venue, collaborated with various artists, and being an artist myself, I've witnessed firsthand that the reality of the music industry often differs from the glamorous portrayals in music videos.

The industry's true essence lies in the dedication to one's craft and the relationships cultivated. It's not just about the spotlight; it's about the hard work, passion, and genuine connection with fans. In many ways, being a successful artist is akin to running a business – you must create a product worth consuming and invest in both your art and the audience that appreciates it. This track delves into the authentic aspects of the music industry, urging artists to focus on substance and authenticity amidst the glitz and glamour.

Why did you release "They Sold Me On The TV" as the first official single from The Birth Of An Artist? How does it set the tone for what's to come?

I chose to release "They Sold Me On The TV" as the first official single from "The Birth Of An Artist" because the track encapsulates the core message and experiences I've gained in the music industry. Through my lyrics, I aim to shed light on the disparity between the idealized image of the industry portrayed in the media and the gritty reality I've witnessed.

This song serves as a bold introduction to the album, setting the tone for an authentic exploration of the challenges and truths within the music business. By addressing the importance of hard work, genuine passion, and meaningful connections with the audience, "They Sold Me On The TV" lays the foundation for what's to come in the album. This narrative delves into the genuine essence of being an artist and navigating the intricacies of the music industry with integrity.

Please tell us more about the limited edition Golden Key USB giveaway featuring the entire album, The Birth Of An Artist. What made you want to bless fans with this special treat?

The limited edition Golden Key USB giveaway featuring the album "The Birth Of An Artist" is a special treat designed to express my gratitude to the fans who have been integral to my journey. The choice to offer the album in this unique format reflects a desire to create a tangible and exclusive experience for supporters.

The golden key symbolizes access to the artistic journey encapsulated in the album – a key to unlock the authentic stories and emotions embedded in each track. By providing fans with this collectible USB, I aim to offer a more personal and immersive connection, allowing them to physically possess the music and, in a way, hold the key to the artistic narrative. It's a gesture of appreciation for their unwavering support and an opportunity to share a piece of the creative process distinctively and memorably.

What do you hope to convey or get across to listeners in the debut album, The Birth Of An Artist? What's your main goal with this record?

With "The Birth Of An Artist," my main goal is to convey the authentic essence of my artistic journey and, more broadly, to emphasize the transformative power of music. Music is like a campfire where people can gather to create authentic connections and communication.

This debut album is not just a collection of songs; it's a narrative that invites listeners to join me around the metaphorical campfire of creativity. Through this record, I aim to break down the barriers between artist and audience, emphasizing that art is not solely about the creator but also those who connect with the creation.

The album is a medium through which listeners can empower their perspectives and enrich their lives by finding personal meaning in the art. It's a journey of self-discovery and shared experiences, fostering a genuine connection between the artist, the music, and the audience.

On a personal note, for other people hesitant about starting a music career, do you have any words of wisdom about your experience starting it on your 40th birthday?

My journey into a music career, starting on my 40th birthday, taught me valuable lessons that I'd like to share with those hesitant about embarking on a similar path. Age should never be a deterrent when pursuing your passion. The wisdom and experiences gained over the years can uniquely enrich your musical expression. Embrace that following your dreams and exploring your creative side is always possible.

Every moment is an opportunity for growth, and starting a music career later in life allowed me to bring a depth of perspective and authenticity to my art. Don't let societal expectations or self-doubt hold you back – the beauty of music lies in its ability to transcend age and connect with people on a profound level. Trust in your journey, and remember that the most fulfilling paths are often those we forge with passion and determination, regardless of when we begin.

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