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Jessamine Barham Clutches Reality While "Chasing a Dream"

It's easy to lose yourself amid the earthy and organic tones of the Chamber-Pop Artist and Singer/Songwriter Jessamine Barham. Hailing from San Diego, California, Jessamine Barham took a long look in the mirror to release her touching single, "Chasing a Dream."

Embodying a sharp goth aesthetic within her sound and brand, Jessamine Barham sings for those who long for the tenderness of love and often feel ignored by the outside world. A talented young artist on the autistic spectrum, Jessamine Barham's life experiences have led to this moment, releasing symphonic rock-inspired ballads that capture each and every complex emotion.

Recently releasing her introspective single "Chasing a Dream," Jessamine Barham serenades us within this sweet two-minute ballad while vocalizing her many thoughts of longing for opportunities that don't seem to surface. Overtop of smooth organic drum patterns and a mesmerizing piano melody, Jessamine Barham perfectly portrays her introverted thoughts to our extroverted world.

Listening to the entire single, "Chasing a Dream" softly begins with melancholy piano melodies that set the song's emotional and tender atmosphere. As Jessamine Barham's warm alto vocals make their appearance, she haunts the song with her layered vocals that emphasize its organic and gloomy feel, especially as she begins telling her unique story of chasing dreams.

As we dive deeper into Jessamine Barham's lyrical content, we're nothing but moved after hearing the genuineness and sincerity in her saddened yet realistic message. Pulling on heartstrings everywhere with lyrics like, "Everything you knew faded away, now you realize how much you really had."

Jessamine Barham is quickly carving her path to success with conceptual and heartfelt singles like "Chasing a Dream," as she pulls listeners in close with each emotional and relatable lyric she sings.

We love the genuine emotion and vulnerability you've placed into your single "Chasing a Dream." What inspired you to write this piece?

“Chasing a Dream” came to me at a time when I was focusing too much on things I wanted and not enough on what I already had. I became worried about what would happen if I lost someone and didn’t realize how much they meant to me until they were gone. I wanted to express those emotions in this song and thought other people could relate to it as well. The lyrics, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. You spent your whole life wanting more,” ties into our consumer culture where people always want more and do not appreciate what they already have like family and friends.

Did you record the instrumentals yourself for your single "Chasing a Dream"? What was your recording process like?

I recorded “Chasing a Dream” with Alex Arango, one of the teachers at my music school Kalabash. Normally, we record music in the studio, however, due to COVID, we couldn’t meet in person and used GarageBand. “Chasing a Dream” begins with a rich, deep, earthy call, almost a chant to ground the listener in the lyrical journey that is about to begin. This idea came to me after many attempts of trying to start the song with the chorus, “You wanted the world, but then it slipped away.” Later, I added six harmonies where my voice progressively gets higher to symbolize my awakening from my dream.

What did you want your listeners to take away from such an emotional and relatable single like "Chasing a Dream"?

When people hear “Chasing a Dream,” I hope to take them on a lyrical journey where they sense the desperation of being too focused on their dreams. As I say in the song, “Everything you knew faded away. Now you realize how much you really had.” This is an attempt to awaken people to look around them at what they have before they get too seduced by their dreams.

What lyrical themes and concepts do you typically portray within your music? What should listeners associate your brand with?

I write pensive, introspective music. Lyrically, I tend to write about personal experiences, times where I have felt lonely, and overcoming hardships. I created songs like “Royalty” and “World of Lies,” to reflect our world now were lies and corruption seem to be the currency of the realm. Listeners should associate my music brand with emotional piano ballads, gentle folk songs, and dark, dramatic songs.

As we enter the new year, what are some of the goals you'd like to achieve with your music?

I’m releasing my third EP Light in the Darkness in January, as I hope we are entering a new era with many of the troubles of 2020 gradually disappearing. One of my goals is to continue to write songs that reflect my emotions as a young person graduating from San Diego State and hopefully becoming a professional songwriter. Another goal I have is to create music videos that capture the spirit of my songs. First on my list is “World of Lies.”

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