Jesse Sliger Showcases His Powerful Voice And Emotion In “Here & Now”

Jesse Sliger, an independent artist from Florida released his emotional projected single “Here & Now”. Deep lyricism, poetically translated, Jesse carries the emotion of “Here & Now” from start to finish without a hint of transparency or fabrication present! Everything about the single felt natural and authentic. Jesse delivered the lyrics in a strong passionate voice with significant amount of grit, rasp, and edge alongside dynamic and powerful vocals that showcases his wide range going from chest voice to high. The melodic instrumental demonstrated strong diversity in instruments including a canorous acoustic guitar chord to an electrifying drumming sensation.

“Just be here right now, we can last forever. Just be here right now, don’t worry about tomorrow” Jesse sings, what I’ve interpreted from this is that he discusses living at the moment and enjoying the companionship from someone else you care about and love! An intimate single about endearment and feeling the comfortably from a sweetheart of yours you desire and adore. If I could personally categorize this single it would blend between the likes of Pop and soft-rock. However, it’s very individualistic in its own lane and category of music.

Listen to "Here & Now" here and get to know Jesse Sliger in our interview below!

Hi Jesse, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Well, my name is Jesse, I’m 28 years old and I am a musician/producer out of Bradenton-Sarasota, Florida. I am big into travel like most, and have gotten to play music in a number of different countries. I am also an international business major at the same time so it’s a crazy life! 

When did you first begin to pursue the path of music?

I started singing when I was like four. I wasn’t any good at all but even then I had a dream of being this little kindergarten pop star. Then in sixth grade I awkwardly signed up for guitar because I had to pick an instrument in the concert band and they said drums were full. By the time I was 15 I started to write songs and began to think, “Hey maybe I could actually do this for real.” And 13 years later, I guess I still think I can. 

When writing “Here & Now” did you have a special someone in mind that you drew inspiration from?

Haha definitely no special someone in mind for this song. “Here & Now” is a song I wrote to myself more than anything, and anyone else who could relate. 

How would you interpret “Here & Now” in your own artist interpretation?

“Here & Now” is about the sobering realization that we only have one short life to make it into what we dream, and the anxiety that ensues as we fight against the clock. It’s a message to everyone like myself who have found themselves held hostage by their ambitions. Life is not usually ‘somewhere down the line’ — it’s right here and right now. The encouragement of this song is to slow down enough to finally realize it. 

Do you have any big goals set for yourself in the new year? What can we expect from you in 2019?

My big goals for 2019 on a personal level are to continue to do the things I’ve always been too scared to do. But what the people can expect from me is more music, better music, and hopefully more stuff you can move to. My current catalog is a lot of emotional stuff, so I want to give people something for the good times too. I’m not really a sad guy so I don’t want to be that artist on the playlist that brings the mood down!

Connect with Jesse Sliger on social media:

Instagram: @jessesligermusic