Jessica Foxx Released The Trailblazing Single “Forgive Me Father”

Jessica Foxx grew up in a humble small farm town in Connecticut with big dreams for herself to become a major star. She decided to take the leap and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion to be an artist. It seems as if her efforts paid off!

She released her latest single titled “Forgive Me Father” and her perfect mixture of electro and dark pop fused together to create an edgy yet digestible single. Jessica Foxx has an unbelievably refreshing voice that’s distinctive to her artistry. If you were to hear this voice on a different record you’d be able to automatically point out who it belongs to. Her voice just sticks to you like glue. Tongue-in-cheek, gutsy songwriting is what puts Jessica Foxx in the ranks of the new pop generation. The vulnerability she shows while remaining delightful and marketable makes “feeling emotions” look “Cool”. The youth will completely obsess over “Forgive Me Father” and the artistic creativity Jessica Foxx displays. “Forgive Me Father” is a song that resonated with us smoothly and we’re looking forward to seeing what else she has in the queue for us!

Listen to "Forgive Me Father" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jessica Foxx! How was it growing up in Connecticut and shifting your scenery to Los Angeles? Was the transition difficult for you?

Thank you! It was definitely terrifying but also so thrilling. I grew up with a really close family so going from having friends and family around all the time to living in Hollywood not knowing a single soul was definitely drastic but it felt right. I quickly made LA my new home and I have no plans to leave anytime soon!

How were you inspired by Los Angeles? Did it help craft your artistry?

Los Angeles is so magical to me. You can either look at it from a perspective that it’s oversaturated and there’s too many people trying to make it OR you can look at it as a city of opportunities. I actually find people who are going after their dreams inspiring and makes me want to work that much harder towards mine – I don’t see it as competition or oversaturation. 

Talk to us about your single “Forgive Me Father”. What was the major vision behind this record?

This song is about my struggle with anxiety and my experience being on medication for it. I think a lot of times when people are dealing with something they don’t need someone to tell them it’s going to be okay, they just need to know there’s someone out there who understands how they’re feeling. That’s what I want “Forgive Me Father” to be for the listener. If this song only helps one person feel like someone out there understands what they are going through, then I did my job.

Did you have any specific arrangements for “Forgive Me Father”? Can you detail the songwriting approach!

The majority of it was actually done in a single session. I went back in to change a few lyrics in the verses but the majority of the vocals you hear were actually recorded while I was writing the song in the booth. I actually went into the studio that day fully intending on writing a party anthem but this just happened so quickly and naturally and it’s my favorite song of mine to date.

How do you plan on elevating your next single from a trailblazing hit like “Forgive Me Father”?

I always try to improve my vocals and songwriting but I think it’s about focusing on the message you’re trying to get across not topping the last song you made. If you’re too focused on writing a “hit” or a “number 1” I think it can hinder your creativity. From my experience, the best songs just happen unexpectedly. I have been experimenting with genre-blending lately, we’ll see what comes of it!

Any fall plans for you Jessica Foxx?

Just working on new music for now!


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