Jessica Sevier Stuns With Vocal Power In “Ghost Of Tom”

At only 17 years old, Jessica Sevier has seen nothing but success due to hard work and ambition. The self-made singer/songwriter has penned over 50 songs. Her lyrical style is filled with strong imagery that brings listeners into the heart of her own experiences. Her lyrical and melodic approach to her authentic music has been called mature beyond her years.  With influences such as Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks, Jessica blends country, rock and folk, while still giving it her own modern twist. Jessica is a fresh but still familiar sound in today’s music industry. A Toronto born artist, Jessica has performed at venues all around the GTA and has gained quite a following. Jessica is a classically trained vocalist who has received many awards and acclimations for her craft.  Recently she has been working on her own EP with the acclaimed Roy Hamilton iii. Keep your eye on her Instagram page for future events and videos!

Her latest track “Ghost Of Tom” pays tribute to the legendary Bruce Springsteen’s acoustic album and title track “The Ghost Of Tom Joad”. The folk-rock laden single is sure to garner Jessica Sevier much attention for the use of her authentic songwriting flare. Her vocal range is finely-calibrated well beyond her years. In the light hearted and easy listening love song, “Ghost Of Tom” , Jessica captures the essence of her emotion through spectacular lyricism and catchy riffs. The flowing acoustics and catchy melody make this song very addicting but we’re loving it. Jessica weaves through a story of her love and lets the listener inside her heart to truly express how she feels. Her raw energy and passion burn through the speakers in “Ghost Of Tom” . Laced with undertones of folk, blues and roots, “Ghost Of Tom”  is a diverse and vibrant hit that all of Jessica’s listeners can relate to. 

Check out “Ghost Of Tom” here and read more with Jessica Sevier in our interview below!

Hey Jessica! Can you start by telling our readers about your upbringing and how you got started making music?

I grew up listening to a lot of different types of rock music, from artists like Guns n Roses to John Mellencamp. Hearing this music always made me want to sing and perform. I took that love for music and started singing in different talent shows offered at my elementary school. Then started to sing in musical theatre productions put on by our school music teacher. Throughout my young years my love and confidence in my musical abilities grew. By age 11 I had learned the basics of music production and recording with some at home equipment. From there I learned how to write and develop a song with the new technology I was being given.

How do you draw inspiration from your wide variety of influences?

I am very meticulous in the way I listen to music , I always have been. I like to listen to every subtlety in a song , as well as analyze the lyrics. Drawing inspiration from a song is less about rewriting the intended meaning of the song but more about the vibe or feeling it gives me personally. I like when a lyric makes me think, and when that happens I am able to build on the thoughts the song has given me and create something of my own. 

We love “Ghost of Tom”! Can you talk about the meaning of the lyrics?

Ghost of Tom was written in a time when my life was changing a lot. I had become infatuated with a person who I knew was leaving and the end hit me hard. Ghost of Tom was written about love and anger and being stuck between the two emotions. The lyrics depict the story of how it felt to leave someone who was driving in the opposite direction. And the whole time knowing that the ghost of that person is never actually going to leave your heart.

What do you hope your listeners take away from this song?

I hope listeners take away the idea that emotions are not always straightforward. When hearing Ghost of Tom , I want listeners to not only hear the angry side of the song, but as well hear the words of love I wrote. I want everyone to know that when love is lost , it’s okay to have mixed feelings and that balance will be restored over time. 

What’s next for you?

Well, Ghost of Tom is a single that was recorded along with 3 other songs. So, after Ghost , there will be an EP to follow. We are taking it one step at a time and are in no rush to put it out. We are going to keep working on building and writing. As well, I am going to keep performing and getting my voice out into the world. We have lots of plans , but plans change and adjust, so as of now we are focusing on the music we have already created