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Jessica Sole Is Faced With The “Good In Goodbye”

Shelbourne, Ontario-based singer-songwriter and country-pop recording artist Jessica Sole offers a fresh perspective on the quintessential breakup anthem with her newest single, "Good In Goodbye."

As one of the most challenging working artists in the Ontario country music scene, Jessica Sole's determination has landed her two top 40 hits on SiriusXM. At the same time, her debut EP, Think of Us, garnered over 150k global streams. With influences like Kacey Musgraves, Kelsea Ballerini, and Miranda Lambert, Sole's smooth vocals and captivating lyrics keep her fans coming back for more.

The latest addition to her discography, "Good In Goodbye," sees Jessica Sole expressing all that was good in a past relationship, making it harder for her to let go. Created in collaboration with award-winning producer Shawn Moore (Jason Blaine, Shawn Austin), this expressive new song is the second single from Jessica Sole's upcoming sophomore EP.

Diving deeper into "Good In Goodbye," the song pumps through the speakers with hefty snare drums and an upbeat banjo alongside Jessica Sole's distant vocals. The soft piano-led hook lets Jessica Sole express her sincere thoughts about attempting to move on, ramping up the energy and anticipation for the bright and beaming hook.

Jessica Sole blesses us with a cathartic listening experience while opening her heart about what she's lost and how she yearns to rekindle the flame despite the troubles it may cause. The song's well-rounded and chilling instrumentals carry us to the outro with such palpable emotion, ending the song on a positive note that these two hearts will hopefully meet again someday.

Breakup got you down? Allow Jessica Sole to be the latest addition to your life's soundtrack with her vibrant and emotional new single, "Good In Goodbye," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jessica Sole. What personal experiences with relationships inspired you to create such a vulnerable and honest song like "Good In Goodbye?"

Thank you for having me! Good in Goodbye is inspired by a friend of mine. She and I have FaceTime dates as often as we can since she lives in BC and I’m in Ontario. I remember during one call, she was telling me she had bad news; the guy she was seeing had broken up with her. Then she said that the breakup wasn’t even the worst news but that he didn’t give her a reason to hate him when he left. She said he didn’t cheat on her, didn’t lie to her, didn’t say anything mean, and that he really “gave me the good in goodbye.” As soon as she told me that, I said, “one second, I need to write this down”. The next day I brought the idea to a co-writer, Elias James, and the song was born.

What was your collaboration like with producer Shawn Moore? How did he help execute the vision you had in mind?

Shawn and I have been working together for the last few years now! He produced my last EP, “Think of Us,” recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. He also produced my upcoming EP while we were in Nashville and is a co-writer on one of the tracks. Getting to work on my music alongside such good friends is so special. Shawn puts everything he has into every project he works on. He’s a pro in every sense of the word.

Were there any personal challenges you experienced when creating such an

intimate song as "Good In Goodbye?" How did you overcome these obstacles, if


It’s always so exciting releasing a song so intimate as “Good In Goodbye.” In the lyrics, I

wanted to capture that feeling of wishing for closure and for a reason to fall out of love

and move on from your ex. I wasn’t going through those specific emotions during the writing process, which made the creative process a bit different from than songs I wrote about my personal life. I’m so proud of this song and excited about all the wonderful feedback it's been receiving!

How does "Good In Goodbye" relate to the overall theme or concept of your upcoming sophomore EP? Could you drop any hints about what that project is about?

When we were working on this EP, we wanted to bring some more pop elements into my sound. Good in Goodbye sounds the most pop out of all the songs on the project. Listeners can expect more of that country pop production vibe mixed with key country sounds and storytelling!

What's next for you?

I’m so excited to release the rest of this EP in 2023! The songs on this project are some

of my favorites I’ve ever written; I’m looking forward to sharing them!


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