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JESSIE STOREY Enlists Mr. Wood$ for the Unforgettable, "Baby"

JESSIE STOREY is a unique artist that has a multitude of talent. This multifaceted singer was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, NY. She realized at a very young age that she wanted to be a star, and at age five she began performing in talent shows and plays.

Her goals and aspirations aided her in becoming one of the lead vocals for ‘Right to Party,’ as well as other distinguished bands. She is inspired by how she intertwines her life’s experiences, feelings, and songwriting around her music. To her, there is the importance that lies in being multidimensional. Accompanying positive, productive lyrics and production are what enable her to stand out as an extraordinary artist.

Enlisting Mr. Wood$ on the buoyant vigor on her most recent single, “Baby,” JESSIE STOREY approaches the upbeat instrumentation with charismatic swagger sure to set the tone for anyone tapping in. Her sultry vocal performance articulates on each word she melodically croons.

Embodying a 90’s inspired soundscape, the punchy body of work has us swaying to both the vibrancy presented in the bass line and percussion, as well as the way the soothing timbres of JESSIE STOREY infiltrates our speakers when cascading with the intensified instrumentation. Mr. Wood$ enters the track for the second verse and we get some major O.D.B vibrations from the hard-hitting bars he lays down.

Flexing his lyrical dexterity, the unique fusion compliments one another with the contrast of their artistic styles, and the energy is exceeded in a way that uplifts one another in the overall composition.

Continuously displaying her techniques as both a songwriter and performer, you hear the New York essence of JESSIE STOREY etched into the soundwaves of “Baby.” Providing her listeners with an irrefutable pep in their step, the mesmerizing effervescence from JESSIE STOREY has us pressing replay as soon as this alluring track comes to a halt.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, JESSIE STOREY! “Baby,” has us feeling nostalgic with the melodic hues you embody! How did you and Mr. Wood$ come together to create such a memorable piece of work? We met at the guitar center in 2008 in Charlotte, NC. He was buying gear for his new studio and I was buying a piano. He heard singing and said who is that singing? He told me he was a rapper and we exchanged information. After that, we connected on the music level and launched a studio together called PowerOut Studios. He’s been a great business partner and family to me ever since. We had instant musical energy and made magic in the studio. The rest was history from there.

Could you please take us into the creative process that brought “Baby” to life? What was it like working with one another to get the desired sound we hear and love?

Both Mr. Wood$ and I grew up in New York City in an error where music was not only feel-good music but the sounds that make up the music of today. Wood$ having a platinum record called “No Pigeons” with Sporty thieves and myself in a Latin R&B girl group named “Spanish Fly” in the early 2000s, we wanted to join forces to bring back that feel-good sound, a VIBE, and still give that modern twist to it. While recording in the studio with Super Producer Krazy Figz, he told us he had another track for Mr. Wood$ and me to work on. KrazyFigz has worked with us for years and really knows our sound and what we like. He’s a freaking genius! When he showed me the track I instantly called Mr. Wood$ and said you have to hear this track. I told him we need to write to it tonight! The next day we were in the studio recording it. When Wood$ recorded his verse I teared up because his verse had so much meaning to me and only he really knows the struggles and obstacles we have endured in our musical journey. Together, the 3 of us brought “BABY” to life!

Do you find that your environment has shaped the way you carry yourself artistically?

I would say yes, my environment is a huge factor because growing up I was exposed to so much diversity and culture from Latin music, R & B, hip hop, reggae, house, freestyle, and even rock. It molded me to be able to create a unique sound that cannot really be compared. Through most of my life experiences music has been my outlet and the one thing that has always been consistent in my life so I sing my heart out in song.

In your own words, what does this single mean to you? What are you hoping that listeners take away from it?

This song not only brings me back to a memorable time but gives me feel-good fun energy that I want to share with my listeners. The video of the song is really going to surprise our listeners when it releases. When you listen to the song it’s very sexy and people will think that it is a sexual message. In fact, the true message is actually completely opposite. It’s a message about switchIng roles of power. The majority of the time you would typically find that men are the ones who play the dominant role and kicking game but in this day and age, more women are having to take the lead on that role and walk in their confidence. So the concept was more around women empowerment but still leaving it fun for the male imagination.

What's next for you?

Only GOD knows and holds the key for what’s next for me but if I were the writer to the narrative of my destiny, I would say this song will be the one that opens the door to change a lot of people’s lives. We will be releasing the video as our summer anthem and my team and I will be working day and night to get it out to the listeners in hope that it will bring brighter moments and inspiration for them in a time where things are not so normal. I will be releasing my full project called “Jessie’s Story” by the end of this year. It will be dedicated to my deceased husband Samir Olar Storey, I hope he is proud as he was one of my biggest supporters (R.I.P). On this album, you will hear all the diverse sounds that cultivated the artist I am today but most of all I want the listeners to feel and relate to the emotion in each song.


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