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Jessie Storey Expands on Her Creative Process with Mr. Wood$

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, JessieStorey returns to highlight her creative/recording process with Mr. Wood$ for their recent 90s-inspired hit, "Baby."

Through our previous feature with Jessie Storey, we mentioned how the single, "Baby," features a unique contrast between Storey's soothing vocal timbres and Mr. Wood$'s flexible lyrical dexterity. Keeping listeners at the edge of their seats throughout the entire single, Jessie Storey and the song's vibrant sonics truly kept us locked in for the ride.

Expanding on how the two young creatives met, Jessie Storey mentioned that she first met Mr. Wood$ in a guitar center in 2008, and the rest was history. After launching a studio together by the name of PowerOut Studios, the two have built a unique musical partnership as they continue to release music.

During their creative process with super-producer Krazy Figz, he introduced Storey to the beat for "Baby," where she instantly felt that Mr. Wood$ had to hear and jump on the song. After writing and recording that night, the masterpiece, "Baby," was brought to life.

Find "Baby" on all digital streaming platforms and show some love to JessieStorey and Mr. Wood$ as they continue creating music for us to groove and get down with.

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Messiah Black
Messiah Black
27 de jun. de 2021


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