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Jesus Piece Is Bringing A New Flare To Hip-Hop With “Can’t Do That”

Diving into music in 2018 was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania artist Jesus Piece who felt that Hip-Hop was his calling and found real passion in creating music. “Can’t Do That” is Jesus Piece’s single that has gained attention quite quickly in under a month with plays being recorded in over 30 countries. Jesus Piece says “I’m very humble and blessed because a lot of independent artists take a lot of time and many mixtapes to create a buzz and I’m doing it off 3 singles”, with radio interviews already being booked and being featured on 5 premiere Hip-Hip blogs, along with a national campaign to look out for. His style separates him from other artists and Jesus Piece is definitely up-and-coming.

“Can’t Do That” has a fresh combination of beats that blend that low, slower tones well with the fast paced lines to give this track depth. The amount of talent that Jesus Piece has when spitting off fast lyrics, with the ability to slow things down and show his skills in bringing the listener back down to earth to emphasize his point. You can tell that Jesus Piece took time to write the lyrics methodically and to have structural meaning to them, as there is a distinct verse and chorus section in this song in my opinion. “Get. Money. I’ve got my grind on” is just one of the lyrics that can be found throughout “Can’t Do That” and emphasizes that JesusPiece is an artist who is in the music industry for the long haul with so much more to showcase to his listeners. There is a subtle addition of artist emotion that can be felt throughout “Can’t Do That” which helps Jesus Piece deliver an effective and meaningful track to his audience. Overall, “Can’t Do That” is a song that is bound to get stuck in your head so be sure to add it to your playlist and hit repeat.

Listen to “Can’t Do That” here and get to know Jesus Piece in our interview below!

Hey Jesus Piece! Fantastic to chat with you. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I work relentlessly on my music. Not only writing,producing but also self promotion. As an independent artist everything comes out your pocket. Videos,beats,studio time everything I’m doing is self taught and self made. Not very many artist can do that in little time my single has been out and I take a lot of pride in that. I’m very humble and blessed and won’t stop till I reach my goal. And my goal is give my city another inspiration 

Are there any artist inspirations that have helped shape your sound?

Lil wanye, Young Dolph, Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa and Drake. They all have stuck to their vision and sound of their music. Most artist now try to make it copy and paste what sells because it works. I look up to these artist because each project is always different but with same message and loyalty. In this industry it’s nothing but fake love but these artist have always stood their ground and kept their circle.

Is there a deeper meaning behind the lyrics in “Can’t Do That”?

People now don’t want to see anybody doing good for anything they do. I’ve personally had best friends, girlfriends change and act like they don’t know me. It’s all starting to change because of the road of success I’m walking on. I can’t do that is me saying I won’t change on the people who helped and supported me. My inner circle has helped me through being homeless, schooling, bills ext. I’m beyond blessed to have them and their families help me when nobody would. So I’ll never forget or change up and that’s what that single means to me

What first drew you to start creating music? 

Honestly I just wanted to write and produce music. Then I did my single and got a lots of love from it. What really drives me is the lack of dedication, hard work and good music my generation produces. It’s beyond pathetic. It’s the same type of beats and the same things being said. What’s crazy is the fact it still sells. I choose my name to be Jesus Piece because when I make it everything will be because of god. And I honestly feel like somebody needs to save hip hop before it gets any worse. 

Tell us what we can expect to see from you in 2019

I have bigs planned and want bigger things along the way. In about month I will be doing a national campaign ,promoting ,and  distributing my mixtape Road To Salvation. End of August I will perform for the first time with Can’t Stop concert in Ohio! I’ve also been apart of 3 radio interviews. My single has been played in 30 plus countries and 50 plus city’s less than a month and i am very blessed to say that. I’ve talked with multiple record labels but as of right now I’m focused on  working on my next project Hell or Redemption. And keep branching out and grinding on a national stage


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