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JesusGang Is Introducing A New Sub-genre To Hip-Hop With His New Single “Trapped Out”

Lumont Deshield is the founder and CEO of JesusGang. JesusGang started as a unique t-shirt clothing line which now includes: hoodies, hats, and shoes. It quickly expanded into Christian rap music as a way to reach youth and young adults with positive music to be used as an alternative to the negative rap music filling up the industry. Lumont writes, performs, records, and produces music and videos. He is defining a new genre of music that has been called gospel trap music.

JesusGang is introducing a new genre to the culture of hip-hop and we’re here for every bit of it! The release of his single titled “Trapped Out” ft. Phil Derihloff his EP titled “Trap Gospel” and we were pleasantly surprised. JesusGang had this aggressive delivery with a hard-hitting trap beat that will become digestible to the current young generation of hip-hop lovers. His lyrical ability he possess is impeccable. The punchlines, the bars, the flow, the entire combination was lethal. He still promoted the message of religion while remaining trendy and keeping a balance between holy and wavy. JesusGang has his own brand and artistry that’s completely different from every rapper that’s out right now. He’s fusing together trap-rap with gospel, showing us that he can do both and still be marketable. The way he is able to share his beliefs through his specific taste of rap shows true character and honest artistry. Therefore, this makes JesusGang 10x a more standout rapper than anybody else that’s out right now!

As he continues his nationwide Positive Music Takeover Tour, Lumont is determined to make a positive impact on the culture. JesusGang is seeking partners, opportunities, and venues for this major project. JesusGang wants to bring the Positive Music Takeover Tour to your venue. JesusGang is prepared to do inside or outside events that will shine a positive light in the community!

Listen to "Trapped Out" here and get to know more about JesusGang in our interview below!

Hey JesusGang! Mind telling us a little bit about your upbringing and what inspired you to do music?

Sure! I was raised by a wonderful single mother. She is & was a devout Christian woman. She taught my two older sisters & I about so much. Faith, love, respect, & perseverance were a few of her many lessons.

We noticed the cool flare to the single “Trapped Out”. Was this inspired by your background? In what ways do you incorporate who you are into your music to make them more distinctively relatable to you as an artist?

Yes, it was. I grew up on gospel music such as Kirk Franklin. As I grew up more, I listened to Gucci Mane, J.Cole, & Lecrae. I kind of view myself as a mix between all of them but with my own style.

What were some of the most challenging aspects in making “Trapped Out”?

Some of the most challenging things about what I do is the lack respect from the church. I give glory to God (Jesus Christ) that I'm able to “Spread God’s Word in Style.”

If you could describe the theme of this single how would you describe it?

Trapped Out is a high energy fun track that you can dance to. It also has a positive message if you listen closely!

What’s next for you JesusGang?

Just more music with big time artists. Ive already worked with Dee-1, Jojo Simmons, Lightshow, & Surf Gvng.


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