Jforte Opens up About His Latest Single "Dsms", and How He Was Given a Second Chance at Life

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jforte! We are loving your new release "Dsms", it has quite the emotion in it. What was the songwriting and production for this like? How did the spoken word elements come into play? October 21st, I fell 150ft from a straight line, my glove was caught in the rope and my entire shoulder snapped out of place! I immediately fell 18+ feet into deep water. As I swam underwater, I realized something was wrong and I couldn't use my arm to swim. Once I reached the top I laid backward in pain. I was taken to the UCLA hospital and put to sleep. In my sleep, I felt like I died 4 times and I prayed that if I was able to go back to life, I would share my story, my truth and a word from God regardless of what comes up. That next week with a brace around my arm, I made DSMS and asked my homie conbtz for beats. One of them matched and he mastered it. I then shared that song to Illmind, who is a producer for Kanye, Drake, Beyonce and so much more. Once I got the approval from MYSELF and then Illmind I launched my 1st song online! This release definitely has a personal connection and touch to it in every lyric, was it difficult to put into words the message that you had wanted to put out? Were there other versions of this record? These lyrics slipped off the bone as if they were succulent ribs. I wrote this on the glass inside of 455 Workspace and then translated it to paper and performed it multiple times before making it a song.

Your music has a very honest approach to it that works really well! What are some of your influences that inspire the music you're creating? What makes them an influence? Drake, Immortal Technique, Logic, Meek Mill, Tupac, Eminem 50 cent, Russ, Illmind, NF, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Migos, Snoop, Nate Dogg and so so many more inspire my music. 

Russ's book, I listen almost every night, 50 Cent's book 50 laws, Eminem's story and movie, Drakes consistency, Immortal techniques truth, Meek's story, Elliot's creativity, Tupac's scripture, Logic's story. I pick and choose from the greats. I am inspired by them all for different reasons! How would you say you have grown as a songwriter and an artist from when you have started out? Do you see yourself achieving any goals that you have in the near future?

I use to perform on the streets for tips in New York. I use to be homeless on the streets. I used everything I learned from the streets and applied it to business and pursuing my passion! I'm the first rapper to publish 2 books before he blew up! Fail forward Through Success - Fail Forward Through Success|Paperback + Redemption A Road Less Travelled.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can expect 5 million-plus streams from me. New music every week for the next year, festivals, conferences and an evolved Jforte super saiyan 2!

Listen to "Dsms" here and connect with Jforte on social media below.