Jhamasa Releases Relatable Love Bop “Every Single Flaw”

Jhamasa is a singer/songwriter born in Orange County, California. Spending most of her life in Los Angeles, California, Jhamasa has a large family of many siblings. With the right mentors, Jhamasa was a student at Black Eyed Peas and Peace4Kids music academy.

Jhamasa releases relatable love bop “Every Single Flaw” that could possibly be the anthem for every woman out there that’s unsure of any man in their lives. With lyricism that touches base on indecisiveness, a feeling most of us encounter, Jhamasa delivered us a single that can connect to all our emotions and everyday thoughts. With significant amount of sparkling and quick-witted lyrics, Jhamasa gives us captions we can use for days!

One of my favorite qualities of this song would have to be her soft-spoken tone and vocals she's equipped with. It’s soothing, relaxing, and mellifluous. The resonance of her voice is in a more easy-going falsetto note which creates a sentimental and chilled vibe for her listeners. “Every Single Flaw” was an intricate combination of sounds in the background that confuses you on rather you want to label the genre, or leave it as a more diverse and refined single. We were thoroughly impressed with Jhamasa’s creativity and we’re sure you guys will be as well!

Hi Jhamasa, great to chat! Care to introduce yourself to our readers!

My name is Jhamasa and my music is authentic. I started off on this journey because I heard something within that needed to come out and be shared with the world. I’m also an advocate for foster youth having access to the American Dream. Wahlah magic! 

Was music something you’ve always known you wanted to do ever since you were little?

Music is something that I always felt I should explore since the age of 6. I heard Toni Braxton’s unbreakmyheart and I wanted to the skill set to bring love and life lessons to life through music and storytelling.

What’s your favorite quality about creating music and why?

Omg the process! It’s fun spending time with myself figuring out my feelings and collaborating with others to bring a project to life.

Do you believe music is a way of artistic expression?

I believe music is expression and has the power to heal; I’m in the business of both!

When writing “Every Single Flaw” what was your overall concept you wanted to convey to your listeners?

When I was writing ESF I was thinking how do you know when you really love someone? When you love them they way that you love yourself! Unapologetically and with a willingness to grow authentically.

Did you face any challenges in the creation process of "Every Single Flaw", if so what, how did you overcome them?

I actually didn’t have any challenges with this song it came fairly easy, probably because it was a message that should be shared.

Who are your greatest musical influences who have shaped you into the artist you are today?

I always say that I’m not shaped by influencers but instead their bodies of work. People change and can be led towards negativity, the work does and always will speak for itself. Lesson Learned (Alicia Keys), MTV Unplugged (Lauryn Hill), Mixtapes (Gucci Mane), Let Go (Avril Lavigne) to name a few..

What's next for you?
After this who knows, but I do have a plan. I’m working on another project (music), I’m going back to school to get my masters in social work at USC, and I’m living my best life to keep it short and sweeeet! #BuzzMusic