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Jillian Dawn Released A Delightful Tune “Insomnia”

Mixing the dance-driven pop with an indie vibe, 20 year old Jillian Dawn is sharing her stories through songwriting. The Massachusetts native released her single titled “Insomnia” and we were kept captive by her consistent up-beat melody and lyrical inversion. What I adored most about this record was the oceanic aura it’s equipped with. While listening to this song I envision cool breezes from an ocean, natural wind, water, and the bright and full color of Blue. It’s the most fitting digestible record for the upcoming season on our calendar (Spring and Summer). The subtle love bop has the comfort and warmth of spring while keeping the charisma and boldness of Summer. A festive song while conveying emotional conviction through an emotive delivery of vocals, Jillian Dawn snatched us into a different sensation not many songs or artists can do for you. It’s the most significant element of “Insomnia”. My personal ability to exclude the outside world and become invested into the song, as if she abducts us into the song and we’re experiencing the melody while artistically painting our own visual! With a style stemming from powerful influences including Sara Bareilles, Maggie Rogers, and Ariana Grande, Jillian Dawn is writing a journey on her own.

Listen to “Insomnia” here and get to know more about Jillian Dawn

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