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Jillian Shea Moves Onward & Upward In New Breakup Anthem, "XY"

From Philadelphia to Los Angeles, multifaceted actress and singer-songwriter Jillian Shea soaks in the post-breakup angst in a hot new single titled "XY."

The talented performer is best known for her role as Bailey in Disney XD's Walk the Prank and for leading roles in Disney+'s Godmothered and more. With various diverse singles under her belt, including "Runaway," which became the theme for Brat TV's Crazy Fast, Jillian Shea has been grabbing attention left and right.

The same can be said about her newest single, "XY," a fun yet resentful breakup anthem that sees Jillian Shea questioning why she let this person hurt her. As she removes them from the 'ex' status and classifies them as a 'why,' Shea unleashes her inner emotions and pent-up anger for every listener to throw their fist in the air.

Expanding on "XY," this dynamic track softly opens with warm acoustic guitar and Jillian Shea's sweet-sounding vocals holding nothing back about her ex's toxic ways and how she was warned to stay away. But, it's easy to be blinded by love, and Shea accepts that as she unleashes the rage on the ultra-catchy hook.

It's a fiery and powerful alt-pop-rock listening experience, reminiscent of acts like Olivia Rodgrigo with hints of Taylor Swift. Jillian Shea has quite a way with words, and her ability to convey her emotions and express such hardships through an incredibly catchy song is truly impressive. She's made it clear: she's a star on the rise and won't tolerate toxicity any longer.

Feast your ears on one of the hottest breakup tunes of the year with Jillian Shea's new single, "XY," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Jillian! We're head over heels for the power and angst in your latest single, "XY." What experiences inspired you to create this breakup anthem?

Thank you! XY is about all the reasons you regret being with someone. I wrote it as a celebration song for people getting out of bad relationships.

Did any artists or projects influence the sound and style of "XY?" What or who did you want this single to feel like?

We wanted XY to feel super angsty. We didn’t have any specific songs we wanted it to feel like, but I think it fits into that old Avril Lavigne category.

What makes you proud of "XY?" Does this song mark a new chapter for you and your music? What makes this song special to you?

XY is special to me because it finally feels like the type of music I want to make. I spent a lot of years unsure of what my sound was. My new EP is something I’m proud of.

Did you work alongside any producers or musicians when creating "XY?" What was that BTS process like?

For XY, I wrote it with my boyfriend Jack Gray. He also produced it. He is a fantastic musician and collaborating with him is one of my favorite things to do. It makes the process way more special getting to do it with him.

How did you want "XY" to impact your listeners? What did you want them to feel and take away?

I hope listeners can find joy in bad situations when listening to this song. It’s all about making things fun, even when they’re not!


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