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Jim Peterik & Toby Hitchcock Give Us Their All In “All That’s Mine To Give”

Legendary singer-songwriter and musician Jim Peterik knows his way around love songs. He recently paired up with the heartfelt stylings of Toby Hitchcock to bring the theme of passion to life in their latest single and lyric video for "All That's Mine To Give."

For someone who's written wildly romantic songs for names like Survivor, Cheap Trick, .38, REO, and many more, it's pretty on-brand for Jim Peterik to bless our ears with another tender ballad once again. With carefully crafted lyrics and melodies, Jim Peterik continues blazing the trail for other creative romantics to follow.

He recently shared the tale of unbridled passion and connecting with a life-long soulmate in his latest single alongside Toby Hitchcock entitled "All That's Mine To Give." While Hitchcock tackles the lead vocal, Peterik and Mark Scherer serenade us in the background alongside their chilling adult contemporary/folk instrumentals.

It doesn't get much more romantic than the lyric video for "All That's Mine To Give." With text in melting cursive, the harmonious song plays in the background while viewers are invited to watch several different scenes of various couples enjoying quality time together.

Although these couples are quite different, they all share the same feeling of being completely and utterly devoted to their soulmate. From scenes of engagements and ultrasounds to walks on the beach as old folks, Jim Peterik and Toby Hitchcock perfectly display the profound emotions and genuine feelings that come with finding the person you're meant to be with.

Let Jim Peterik and Toby Hitchcock show you what true love looks like in their latest single and accompanying lyric video for "All That's Mine To Give." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms and the lyric video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jim Peterik. We adored every second of your heartfelt and genuine new single with Toby Hitchcock, "All That's Mine To Give." What inspired you to create such a sincere and thoughtful ballad like this?

Good question, BuzzMusic. I’ve been happily married to my high school sweetheart Karen since 1972. Sure there have been a few rough patches, but we knew what we had was real. Now our son Colin is 33. He is a successful singer-songwriter, studio owner, and loving husband and father to Maisy, five years of age, and Colby, who is 3. This song is my homage not only to our marriage but sharing the hope that you can enjoy the same kind of longevity. I set out to write the perfect song to share with that special someone in your life. What was your collaboration like with Toby Hitchcock and Mark Scherer for "All That's Mine To Give"? Was this your first time working with these artists?

Toby Hitchcock and I are about to complete our 8th worldwide release for our band Pride of Lions on the Frontiers label out of Italy. Marc Scherer is also an incredible vocalist. I wrote and produced his 2016 Frontiers release Risk Everything Regarding the "All That's Mine To Give" lyric video, who helped bring that to life? Why did you want to capture various scenes of couples enjoying quality time together?

The lyric video was created by Cathy Richardson, lead vocalist of Jefferson Starship and a Grammy-nominated videographer. She captured the emotion of the song to a tee.

How did you want to make viewers feel when watching the lyric video for "All That's Mine To Give"? What emotions or feelings did you want to evoke?

I’m hoping no matter what the special occasion, this is the type of piece that brings out intimate feelings of your loved one, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, baptism, or any special occasion.

What's next for you?

I never stop looking for things in life that move me. Writing a song is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration. It takes both to create a truly meaningful song.


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