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Jimmy Swagg Reminds Us to Take a Step Back and, "Breathe"

The Los Angeles-based rock artist and singer-songwriter Jimmy Swagg offers a sound for the voiceless rebels hungry for change. Recently releasing his emotional single, "Breathe," listeners can thoroughly introduce themselves to Swagg's versatile and heartfelt stylings.

Quickly becoming a sought-after act in LA by performing at jam-packed venues like The Whisky A Go-Go, The Viper Room, and State Social House has brought Jimmy Swagg incredible attention. Creating a mixture of Spanish and English songs, Jimmy Swagg prides himself on his unorthodox approach, proving that music is a universal language.

Keeping us engaged in his creative endeavors through each conceptual release, Jimmy Swagg sets the bar incredibly high with meaningful singles like "Breathe," which showcases his relatable, artistic, and sincere songwriting. We genuinely adore emotionally charged songs like this, as it's bound to leave a mark on any listener.

Jumping into the single, "Breathe," the song tenderly opens with a lush array of synths to create a sonic build-up, which later drops into an emotional and organic instrumental arrangement. As Jimmy Swagg pours his saddening electric guitar melodies, bass licks, and downtempo drum breaks through our speakers, he begins to melt our hearts with his descriptive and relatable lyricism.

While expanding on his desire to get back into a broken relationship, Jimmy Swagg pours a plethora of emotional and poetic lyricism through our speakers that truly clutches the soul. As he continues his passionate performance until the very last beat, Jimmy Swagg makes the experience all the more engaging through his chilling and heart-wrenching instrumentation.

Take a step back and "Breathe" with help from Jimmy Swagg's latest emotional single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Jimmy Swagg, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We couldn't have asked for a more genuine, emotional, and relatable single like "Breathe." What compelled you to release your emotions via song and create this poignant piece?

I didn't plan to release a song like this. As a solo artist, I have been working to dig into my creativity and my voice. I opened myself up to opportunities that I would not have taken in the past, which included working with producers I don't know. Travis Huff reached out to me in early May to pitch me some of his music. This itself was unconventional for me because I am used to writing and composing a song on my own. When I get to the recording studio, it's because the song is written and ready to be recorded. In this case, Travis had most of the song done already. I picked this song from the others he pitched me because I could feel the emotions of the song and it felt somewhat spiritual to me. I could relate to that because I grew up singing in church and I was excited to take on a song like this. I finished writing the song and made it my own from that point.

Did you create the entire instrumentals yourself for "Breathe?" Or did you work with any session musicians or producers during this process?

For the first time in my musical career, I came into a session and contributed mainly vocals. Travis handled all the instrumentation while I suggested some arrangements to give the song more dynamics. Although this process stretched me artistically, I enjoyed every moment because I am always been a student of life and of music. I am always willing to learn and get myself uncomfortable.

How did you create the instrumentation for "Breathe" to enhance the song's saddening lyrical theme? How do the instrumentals emphasize the song's tender emotion?

What caught my ear when I first heard this song was how this wave of energy coming from the music spoke to me in a spiritual sense. I don't mean religious, because the song is not religious at all. And once I read the lyrics Travis already had for the song, it made sense to me. I felt like I didn't have to do much to change the song. The airiness of the instrumentation made me feel like I was floating in space. Yet the chord progressions made this trip sad. I wanted to enhance that feeling with how I sang it and with the suggestions I brought for the song. I love to sit with music and allow it to speak to me!

Should we expect more emotionally rich songs like "Breathe" on your forthcoming debut album? Are listeners able to get to know you better and more personally by way of this upcoming project?

My upcoming album is special to me. There's so much that happens to us as humans and as individuals in this life. A lot of those events are difficult, frustrating, confusing, or sad. Yes, there are beautiful and amazing moments too and I LOVE those! But because I had been going through extremely challenging times in my own life, I wanted to use my music and songs to express this and to better understand myself. As a writer, my focus is to capture the beauty and the darkness of a soul. I want to write music that feels real to me. I feel like I am accomplishing that in my album and in the music I am writing now. I hope to connect with the world on this album because I know I am not the only one that feels these things or has questions about life. I want people to know that they are being heard and that this music, my music, our music is the sound and frequency to feel understood.

If you could give any advice to an independent artist who's just starting out, what would it be?

Be patient and be working! Jump off the cliff and believe in yourself fully. And how do you know if you believe? Look at your actions? Is it all talk or is it all social media? Or are you actually working daily to better your craft and to become the best artist you can be? Seek out mentors, learn to sharpen all of the skills necessary for this career, and remember that this path belongs to you. How others did it may not work for you. And things not working for you are going to be a great asset because the more you go out there and gig, write, record, etc. and it doesn't work, the better you are going to become. Music is universal and we all fit in that. We all have a voice in music. Go within yourself to discover that pure voice of yours!


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