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Jirko Doesn't Want to Place the Love On, "Hold"

It’s all about catching, not only dreaming of, the things you want to achieve for storyteller Jirko.

Whether it ranges from insecurities to frustration, he has something he would like to address in each song he creates. Being authentically himself allows him to have the balance in his world to produce strength and connection amongst others. Becoming an artist in the midst of the pandemic, Jirko still has a lot to experience in the industry. Being grateful for the connections he has made with his fan base thus far, Jirko is ready to place all of his faith into his craft.

The most recent single from this emerging artist embodies a major wave of simmering heat that produces “Hold.” With such delicate instrumentation that packs a punch in the realm of mid to up-tempo dance music, we bask in the warmth emanating from a soundscape of this caliber. The exclusive flavor that is sprinkled into this piece heats things up while a vivacious atmosphere is tapped into.

Jirko has a unique tone to his charismatic timbres that have you locked into each word he passionately performs. Exercising his skillset in a way that has the contrast of his inimitable croons take the front of the stage in this truly remarkable vibe, the energy he conveys matches with the instrumentation to syncopate a bolstered foundation. There are bits of mystery weaved into the vocal presentation of Jirko as he has his audience intrigued by the songwriting narrative that transports us to not holding back in the love of a lifetime. Allowing us to peek into the emotional lens he proudly showcases, we learn more about Jirko as an artist and individual.

Through each verse and chorus, themes of unforgettable memories formed to take the helms. With the dynamism and aptitudes, he is placing into what he does, it is no doubt that he will remain unstoppable.

Congratulations on the release of “Hold.” We love the vibe that you exude in this track. What moment or story inspired the message behind the lyrics?

Thank you, it has been amazing connecting with new people and hearing their thoughts and stories. The first time I realized I wanted to make a song like “Hold” was honestly ages ago but got more realistic a few months back. In the past, I struggled to balance between staying authentic and true to myself and my dreams, as those were not in favor of some. As I got into music, I really understood how those thoughts had been holding me back, so voilà. No regrets! It’s all about growth. What does a typical creative process look like for you? What musical and non-musical influence do you allow to speak into your music?

I write often, but for a lot of times even lyrically complete songs only contain some bits of what I actually want to use. It always starts with a mission – is it to share a story or to manifest. I am very visual, so often before even knowing how’s the song is going to be like, I have a video or ideas of photos in my head. A photo or a magazine cover might be a kick. That is what I hope to be to someone else, a source of inspiration. Needless to say, all the incredible music artists and others make is a big source of power too, I think I only understood the whole of it only once I got to know the industry a bit more.

How do the sizzling vibes of “Hold” compare to other songs heard in your music catalog? What is its meaning to you?

“Hold” is a strong statement of the "I can do it"-attitude, something I cherish deeply. It’s got a catchy danceable vibe, that has sort of becoming my signature thing. Not completely by purpose, but I would lie if I’d say that I wouldn’t be into music that I can dance to. None of my songs are love songs alone – they hold other meanings, sometimes deeper than just that. And that sentence also describes “Hold”, holding onto your dreams and desires is what gives you more than doing what you are expected of doing. It’s all intentional in a sense.

Being a newer artist to touch down in the industry, what is your mission statement?

I began my career in 2020, but everything that would happen in the world got in the way. I had recordings in London that I couldn’t travel to for quite some time, so it postponed the production of my first song "I Feel You." Now however I have gotten onwards at a high speed – I’ve gotten to work with insanely talented and credited producers and other industry pros and that is something I plan on doing in the future too. Finding new people to work with, live shows, photo, and video shoots, all that cool stuff. I have my goals set big, that’s how I’ve always been. “Hold” will get a music video that we shot with my friend, it’s full of color and excitement! I also have new songs in the making so it’ll be a very hectic summer and that’s how I like it!



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