Jkev Music Lives Up To The Hype Surrounding Him

It’s very difficult for artists to gain the attention they need and deserve at most times, however, for Jkev this isn’t a problem he struggles with. An independent artist who has grossed over 90 thousand streams/views in less than a year, his debut album titled “Locked Room” put his name out in front of 13 thousand people and stacked over 26 thousand streams. Jkev Music is undeniably gaining traction, attracting the crowd, and solidifying his spot in the industry. Jkev isn’t a one-dimensional artist however, he is highly multi-faceted with different elements and components to his artistry that makes him a stand-out.

Jkev is what we would call “The Full Package”, a term that’s not thrown around loosely for a reason. This triple threat is a singer, music producer, musician, and can we say, engineer? (maybe he’s more than just a triple threat!) he is most definitely on the rise and he is going to get bigger and better with each and every release. You will be an absolute fool to not get involved with this artist now before he reaches his big blow up. Jkev Music has all the right ingredients and the brilliance of marketability to become more successful than he already is!

Listen to Jkev's music here.

Hey Jkev, welcome back toBuzzMusic! We're so happy to have you as our Artist of The Day. Can you tell our readers a bit about your background and where you’re from?

I grew up in a small town called Redwood Meadows/ Bragg Creek Alberta. When I was young my Dad taught me music and the importance of hard work through the family landscape company. I grew up with 7 brothers and three sisters, and as crazy as it sounds, it has probably been one of the most beneficial things for my life. You learn how to NOT be selfish and you learn the importance of family.

What’s the most challenging aspect for you as an artist and why? As the years progress the more we learn to fine-tune our craft, what has 2019 taught you?

I think the most challenging aspect for me going into music is the fact that I’m building my career from ground zero. I don’t really get the support because I’m not making the radio or getting millions of streams. These days it’s so easy to make music but it’s harder to get known because everyone is doing it. The thing I learned this year while I was making and marketing my music is that you need a support group that will give you honest criticism and effective support. You can’t do it on your own.

What were the themes you were seeking to pursue in your debut album “Locked Room”?

The theme I was going for in my album was “struggle.” We as humans are the locked room. We trap ourselves into the mind of doubt, anxiety, stress, guilt, and worth. We all have the key to get out, but for some reason, we don’t want change.

Which songs from “Locked Room” do you feel best represented not only yourself as an artist but the theme from the project and why?

The songs that come to mind are Lost, One Time and Locked Room. Lost represents me getting comfortable with my downfalls. One Time describes the red flags from pushing people away and Locked Room showed me that I’m trapped with a key. It gave me the power to break out of my cage and be a better man.

What was your favorite element from “Locked Screen”?

My favorite element is “second chances.” Even when you’re at rock bottom, don’t neglect the people around you because they are the brightest lights in your darkest night.

What’s next for Jkev in 2020?

I will continue to release singles and EPs, maybe do a short tour then god willing go to OIART school if I get accepted. OIART school is a music program that gives me the tools and opportunities to grow my fan base and build my music career to success.