Jkev Music’s Latest Track “Fall” Drops In Preparation For Debut Album

Jkev Music is an upcoming music producer/artist in Calgary Alberta. After seeing so much success and receiving over 14k streams from his single “Ghost Buster”, he’s now working with artists from Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and his home city Calgary. Not only is Jkev a talented artist but he's also trained in classical piano and the violin. Consistently delivering new content, Jkev Music is an artist on the rise! Stay tuned for his debut album, set to release this month! 

“Fall” is Jkev’s latest single that we’re bumping and vibing along to. It gives the listener a retrospective look inside of Jkev Music’s inner thoughts. His vulnerability is on display and this is an undeniably admirable gesture for artists to provide for their fans. Amidst today’s hip-hop landscape, there are sounds that work, the ones that connect and make waves, and there are often overly familiar and increasingly un-interesting elements involved in that. Using “Fall”, Jkev Music is opening himself up to the world and revealing some of his insecurities. The bars are superb, honest and open, fascinating and often showcasing confidence and vulnerability all at once. You hear the passion and energy build up with every moment and I guarantee you’ll be hitting that repeat button. 

Listen to “Fall” here and read more in our interview below!


How did you get started in music? How old were you?

Music for me started from my dad. I was around 4 years old when he taught me piano. I’ve loved music ever since. 

What do you do to feed your passion for music daily?

I feed my passion through the joy of creating something unique that people will like. If one person listens to my music and enjoys it, that’s good enough for me. 

What does “Fall” mean to you? How do you want your listeners to feel when they hear it?

The song “Fall” is a personal song that helps me understand my experience of rejection, self doubt and self worth. We all have these issues on a daily basis, so when someone listens to it, I want them to know that they're not alone in their personal struggles. There is always people around you that can help you get up after you Fall. 

What can listeners expect from your debut album?

Listeners and fans can expect a very emotional and real album. All of the topics I touch on comes from a real place in my life. It’s a project that most people can relate to. 

(Locked Room)  || September 14th||

What do you hope to achieve as an artist through the end of 2019?

My hope for the end of 2019 is to be a well known establishment artist for the city I live in. A lot of people don’t give upcoming artists a chance to shine because they're not on the radio and they don’t have millions of views. I want to create a name for myself.


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