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JLM Resuscitates Us With His Thrilling Debut Single, "Reality"

The Atlanta-based Alt-Rock artist and singer-songwriter JLM brings his solo career to a start with a heated debut release titled "Reality."

From performing in metal and rock bands to his new venture as a solo artist, JLM strives to push the limits with his music and the videos he formulates. Although he's sonically comfortable in Alternative Rock, JLM's influences stem from Hip-Hop and Electronic artists as well.

Dropping a heatwave of a single for his debut, titled "Reality," JLM brings us into his vast sound that moves mountains, lyrically and sonically. Also releasing a powerful and stimulating music video for the single, we can see scenes of JLM caught in a straitjacket, taking his anger out in a rage room, and giving an exhilarating performance of the equally thrilling single.

Hitting play on the single itself, "Reality" sharply opens with a powerful electric guitar whaling away while a punchy rhythm guitar takes us down six feet under. As JLM begins singing with incredible strength and stamina, he pushes a lyrical message of seeking the depths of reality and exploring as much as possible to bring him the utmost knowledge and power.

We love the vocal filters that sit over JLM's voice, especially as he layers his vocals to give us a more potent flair that sends us into a sweltering atmosphere, one that we can't get enough of. Not to mention the broad sonic soundscape JLM offers through scorching guitars, a haunting organ, heated drum patterns, and striking brass elements, he's truly captured the essence of versatile songwriting.

Experience the dynamic stylings of JLM with his authentic debut release "Reality," accompanied by a brilliant music video; JLM is starting his solo career with nothing but a bang.

Hello JLM, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Reality." When did you begin writing and creating the single?

I began writing "Reality" early last summer when I was really thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. I was stuck between either pursuing my dream or living someone else's, that's where the lyrics come from.

How did you manage to create such broad and striking instrumentals for your single "Reality?" Did you team up with any other creators to reach your sonic goals for the song?

The song was originally composed by me, JLM, but I wanted it to be thicker and more powerful, so before I started recording lyrics, I sent it over to producer "Tyler Kimberly" who does a lot of heavy-hitting writing. After he sent me the first draft, I knew I was in love and have been working with him since.

When writing your in-depth lyricism for "Reality," what themes did you want listeners to take away and reflect on?

I really want people to feel what they feel from this song, not from what I was feeling when writing these lyrics. But my take on the song is you can either live your dream or someone else's, money vs. happiness, who's shoes are you going to be filling?

What was the process like when creating and editing your music video for "Reality?" What did you want to share with listeners through the video?

I wanted it to be as crazy as I could be. The song strives to ask the question, what is reality? And I believe being buried alive, hung upside, etc. was a powerful way to say that to my fans.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I want them to be themselves. I want them to do what THEY want to do. I want them to BE HAPPY. That's what I ask of my listeners. Not every song I make is going to bring you joy, and in fact, you probably won't even like all my music. But that's fine. As long as you are happy in the end, I'm happy.


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