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JLthe KidD Says Out With the Boring Past on His New Release “USED TO”

Emerging from the storied streets of Chicago, JL the KidD stands as an increasingly formidable presence in the music scene. JL the KidD has consistently defied artistic norms since his explosive debut with the “Monetize the Madness” EP in 2019.

From the captivating artistic depths of “Enough” in 2020 to the introspective journey of “Hollow” in 2023, JL the KidD's continuous sonic and artistic evolution reflects a boundless creative vision that will continue to serve him well. 

JL the KidD approaches his beats with the kind of raw intensity that seeps through any musical medium till it’s almost palpable. As he crafts his eclectic blend of R&B, JL the KidD delves into the complexities of relationships with every verse, exposing the darker aspects of love and desire. His raw, unfiltered lyrics cut deep, leaving listeners grappling with the weight of emotional turmoil and introspection. At a time when the music industry seems tougher to break into than ever, JL the KidD has shown he has the skills to succeed.

“USED TO” showcases his signature hard-hitting, tongue-twisting cadences, seamlessly blended into a smoother and calmer piece reminiscent of his earlier, toxic masculinity-fueled R&B tracks. Yet, this time, the toxicity in “USED TO” is palpable and harsh, with the delivery more aligned with rap, demanding your attention like a scorned ex.

JL the KidD's vocals are recorded with a distinctive feel almost reminiscent of some earlier JPEGMAFIA releases, but he’s undoubtedly made this sound his. The result is a compelling track that should feel right at home on your rap rotation, and we think you’ll enjoy listening to this.

On “USED TO,” JL the KidD proves himself more than just a talented vocalist—he's a storyteller, a provocateur, and an artist unafraid to explore the depths of human emotion, even the ugly ones.

Welcome to Buzz, JL the KidD! We loved “USED TO," and you’ve been keeping your momentum up since “MOE LIFE!” We had to ask what the creative process for this release was like.

When writing the lyrics, I really tried to blend my aggressive cadence with a smoother topic, that being a toxic relationship with an unbalanced power dynamic. When tweaking the beat, I really tried to make the kicks stand out, but I think I could’ve done better.

What helps and motivates you to stay consistent with your music in an industry that demands consistency?

Consistency itself is one of my worst character flaws. It’s something I tangle with constantly, and I can only hope and pray to find the right motivation to stay consistent.

What’s been the most challenging obstacle you’ve had to overcome on your musical journey, and how did you overcome it?

The most difficult challenge has been the quality of sound. So often, artists go to a local studio and leave with a track they could’ve created in their closet. I decided to start making an at-home studio and learning audio production myself, and this song was my first step in these waters.

What quality do you think is most important for a musician to have?

I believe the most important quality for a musician to have is an ever-learning mind. Stagnation is poison to someone who wants to be one of the best in their craft. 

What’s next for JL the KidD? Can we expect to hear more new music? Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

I recently stated that “ THE HEARTBREAK KID “ would be released on June 21st; however, after consideration, I think postponing that project release is best. I still plan to release something that day, so stay tuned!


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