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Jody Leylac Releases Exhilarating Single, “Give Me What I Want”

Jody Leylac's music career began in Jamaica where she was born. Her first beginning performances were for her church choir where she merged together the sounds of gospel and the island flare. At the age of 15, Jody moved to New York where new rhythms found her and she discovered the new exploration of genres including pop, rock, and alternative music that melded with the melodies of her childhood and, in exchange, inspired her genre-bending style. She will be releasing her first EP titled “This Is Forever” with tracks that experiment with alternative and electronic music but pays homage to the sounds and rhythms that made her.

Jody Leylac released her single titled Give Me What I Want” and the alternative electronic pop song is introspective and a reflection of Jody Leylac’s funky, charismatic nature and personality. “Give Me What I Want” is the perfect record that could skyrocket to a mainstream success with its highly danceable beat and infectious pop melodies. Who doesn’t love a good pop song that gets you dancing and feeling the emotive lyrics? The beat transcends in dynamics especially towards the end of the song where there seems to be a dramatic and climaxing electronic increase from a low level sound all the way to the highest chord potential that makes you feel like you’re receiving a natural musical high. Jody’s addicting vocal tone is just the genetic makeup of the song that completes the entire appeal to the record. “Give Me What I Want” is an energetically contagious song we’re sure many people will want to catch a rhythm too!

Check out "Give Me What I Want". Read more about Jody Leylac in our exclusive interview below!

Hi Jody! It's great to chat with you. Can you tell our readers a bit about you!

Hey guys! Thanks for chatting with me. I’m an alternative singer/songwriter who is chasing my dreams and making them reality. I’m currently residing in New York and plan on touring the world non stop making music and art while documenting the experience. 

How has performing in the church impact or benefit your style and sound?

While growing up in Jamaica, I was a part of a lot of singing groups and choirs in the church. I believe it helped my singing style because I got first-hand experience of the different types of melodies and the different ranges in the tones of all the voices I’ve sung with and me being eager to learn, wanted to know how to sing all of the harmonies and I never stopped trying until I figured it out and was eventually allowed to freely do so by the producers I now work with. 

Tell us about the single “Give Me What I Want” and the meaning behind this song!?

“Give Me What I Want” is literally claiming what is yours instead of allowing people to dictate what it is that you should want. It’s a song saying that it’s okay to want what you personally want, even if it’s deemed as weird because not everyone is going to want the same thing. Wow! That’s a lot of wants in that explanation ha! But in the end, you shouldn’t allow people to stop you from going after what you desire. 

What inspired you to write “Give Me What I Want”?

The inspiration came from my life where there were people forcing things on me that I didn’t resonate with but still tried it to please them and when it didn’t work out I realized that wasn’t what I truly wanted. What I want is a bit warped to a “regular” person, and some won’t understand that, but my job isn’t to explain that to them but to go for what I want regardless of how it’s perceived. 

What’s next for you through 2019?

2019 will bring forth the release of my E.P. called “This Is Forever!” There will be more music videos and lots more performances and traveling so keep up with my YouTube channel and social media platforms. It’s going to be a wild year and I’m ready for it all. 


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