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Joe Bermudez & Dana McKeon Go Full Force In “Tug of War”

Talented DJ and music producer Joe Bermudez teams up with vocalist Dana McKeon for their upbeat and fiery new single and blood-pumping music video, "Tug Of War."

With an eviction notice hanging from his apartment door at 18, Joe Bermudez stomped down to WKZS radio in Auburn, Maine, pleading for a job. After proving himself as a needed addition through his own prime-time show, Kiss Klub Night, and becoming the music director for the radio show Open House Party, he was able to gain some serious exposure and even open for Madonna.

Joe Bermudez showcases his electrifying EDM perfectly in his recent collaboration with the sugary vocal stylings of Dana McKeon in their new single and music video, "Tug Of War." It's a thrilling bop that looks at the constant push and pulls of passion, which is physically brought to life in the song's music video.

As the thick synths and bouncy effects leap into the foreground, Dana McKeon's shimmering vocals greet the speakers while she and Joe Bermudez hit the gym for a group workout. The song's overall uplifting feel, alongside the exciting and groovy production, is the perfect workout tune in itself, and the music video brings all that energy with neon athletic fits and intense workouts.

As the beat drops, the gym shifts into a mini club where Joe Bermudez is pumping up the party behind the booth, and the athletes are dancing away without a care in the world. It's an excellent visual experience that brings the energy of electronic music, working out and unbridled passion all in one.

Pump some iron and give yourself some needed energy with Joe Bermudez and Dana McKeon's new single and music video for "Tug Of War." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Joe Bermudez. Why did you want to create such an exciting, groovy, and passionate track like "Tug Of War"? What might have inspired you to make it?

Writing songs is like being a magician. You're creating something out of thin air, and because of that, the journey is never a straight line. You can start out on one path but end up somewhere completely different. Never knowing where the song is going to take you is part of the fun, though. It keeps things interesting. For instance, this one started out as something called Wherever You Go. The first draft wasn't groundbreaking but gave us some sort of jumping-off point. Then after many zoom sessions and pages and pages of rewrites, we chiseled away at it and somehow sculpted Tug Of War. It wasn't anything we planned, but you know when something feels right.

Was this your first time working with vocalist Dana McKeon for "Tug Of War?" What was it about her vocals or sound that attracted you to feature her in your song? We've known each other for a while, but this was our first time working together. She has a song called Let Me Be Your Light that I am completely obsessed with. I love the honesty and intimacy in her voice. When Dana's singing, it feels like your best friend comforting you. It's the type of voice you can't get enough of and keep playing on repeat. Plus, she has these crazy beatboxing skills. Basically, she's just straight-up awesome.

What inspired this workout meets dance club vibe in your "Tug Of War" music video? Who helped bring that vision to life? This song is a metaphorical tug of war, so I thought, why not do a literal one? It’s basically MTV’s The Challenge meets Electric Zoo and features epic girls vs guys "tug of war" battle that turns into a full-on rave. It was shot by Ernesto Galen, who works for the Boston Ballet. I bring a bunch of silly ideas to the table, and he makes them look polished and classy.

What did you want your viewers to experience when watching the "Tug Of War" music video? How did you want to make them feel? Hopefully, they're experiencing a sense of joy. Whether they're dancing along and going crazy with us or laughing at us bringing back the thigh master, I hope it brings a smile to their face and brightens their day.

Do you have any releases planned before the end of the year? I definitely have a lot more music in the pipeline. I wrote a lot during the pandemic lockdowns, and it's been nice having them finally see the light of day. Not sure which one will be next, though. Got songs about everything from a Disney love story to Tinder dating...haha.


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