Joe P. the MC Raps With a Type of Flow That Exudes Confidence on His Latest EP, 'inside'

Many of his songs feature a forward pushing drive with introspective themes about, chasing loyalty and setting his own goals in life. His previous albums always favored lyrical exercises that developed a glimpse into his philosophical mind in real-time. His new endeavor promotes that same lyrical prowess he is known for, but this time it excels at showcasing it. In his new album, 'inside,' the Los Angeles-raised MC has an invigorated energy. Almost like Lil Dicky—though not nearly as goofy and provocative—he mingles the hurried flow of traditional parade rapping with a husky voice that demands attention.

Joe P. the MC feels like he's setting up the dominos for something more prominent on the mesmeric opener, "I Promise." Here, he delivers polished bars with an endearing tightness that makes this endeavor play like a mantra or prayer: "My life has a purpose my life has a place...Life has a purpose, and life has a place." On "Loyalty," his vocals are sharp and contagious, while the hook of the song leaves you with a dense aura weaving in and out of a head-nodding haze. On the bouncing track "Price," Joe P. sleekly achieves introspective reflections about his faith with a staggering triplet flow, "God is a zone, God is a tone, God is a loan, God is our home, God is our freedom to choose on our own"— lyrics that resonate harder than usual as the current status of affairs in the world shed an impending light.

Joe P. The MC's character is so modest in his approach, and his albums flow establishes a consistent approach with his vocal and lyrism taking the front stage. Typically, most producers acoustic harp-sampling beats and hi-hat rollbacks lack the soul of similar productions behind some of the wordier MC's tracks. Then, there's "The Truth," which follows in the whimsical and constant footprints of the three previous songs with their cyclical "on-repeat" feeling productions—each MC's bread and butter in their own favor. The stanzas on songs like "Hella" and "More" are painlessly critical, never losing their immediacy in their pursuance to unclutter his thoughts. These tunes feel like parts cut from a clandestine, proclamation. The rapping on "(Sub)conscious," the album he delivered earlier this year, was economical at the expense of his emotional impact, but here, Joe P. couples word with strength. This is, without question, the better-produced design of his work so far. His production on "(Sub)conscious" leaned on interfering sometimes, and the looped samples embraced him like clouds over the sun on some selections. Inside, by contrast, is more understated and stimulating. The beats are adequately tight, warped up with lots of bellowing 808's and crisp 32nd note hi-hat tangents that leave space for his lyrical flow; he is not afraid to use samples to elevate.

This album establishes a clear and concise path, with Joe P. making his rounds using his compelling lyricism and methodically pure productions to drive it all home. These numbers aren't just restricted by all the wisdom of his hip-hop adventure; they develop and grow throughout this album's mantra themed flow. "Wanna be free, but I'm falling below, wandering deep and my breathing is slow...," he raps on "I Want to Be Free." The self-reflective rap is as sharp as its consistent rhythmic machinery. "Music a journey and music is a race, music is moment and music is space," he adds on the closer "Paypal (Deleted Scene." There are still plenty of bangers on this wholesome well-rounded record, and this last track hits the right way, leaving us with the urge to press the play button and experience the whole thing all over again. You can find 'inside' here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Joe P! We're totally infatuated with the vibes you are creating through your most recent release, "inside." How would you describe the process you followed when "inside" was still in the works? Did it start with your DAW? Did the inspiration manifest through your Yoga practice, or was it something else entirely?

I wrote “inside” about the spiritual energy all life has within. When living beings tap into their source energy inside of themselves they thrive. Sharing this knowledge of self from the inside to the outside is what consciousness is all about. I was also writing “inside” while we all were instructed to stay inside our homes due to the quarantine shutdown. While I was forced to stay inside shelters, I was able to nourish my body and soul by tapping into the spiritual energy inside of my heart, mind, and life. Sharing the tools for growth enhances my own abilities to experience these successes in life. My environment, community, and personal self are able to grow and participate thanks to these tools we have inside of us

When you think about the artists who have inspired your musical style and who have adopted a view on life that you can relate to, who do you acknowledge to be the most meaningful or significant?

My life journey is inspired by talented artists with spiritual health practices in their art. In the album “inside” I actually acknowledge and say thank you to artists who have reached out in support of my music. 

Some artists who inspire me include: Rapsody, J. Cole, Kota the Friend, Kendrick Lamar, EarthGang, Joyner Lucas, Kendrick Lamar, NoName, Talib Kweli, and more - I actually just posted a video ‘free-verse’ list of my favorite artists ever:

Although I reference over 70 inspiring artists who encourage positivity and success here, the list has infinite potential as we all learn to channel our divine spirit.

What typically supports your creative expression throughout your day? Is there something you do that helps to manufacture some of the artistic interpretation you're known for?

Daily meditation, breathwork, and yoga equip my body, mind, and spirit to create. My music is about these topics often. Even if I’m not directly writing about yoga and meditation, my ability to write, record, and perform music the way I do is largely thanks to these practices. When I give my life nourishment with full and healthy air, a strong body, and a peaceful brain, I can put my life in a position to express itself in a healthy and successful way. In tune with my daily health practices is my daily writing practice. I listen to beats, cipher, and write lyrical poetry daily.

Thank you for catching up with us here at BuzzMusic! We're elated to have experienced your newest album and can't wait to hear more from you! Can we expect another release from you sometime this year? What's in the cards for you in terms of collaborating?

I am so thankful you listened to “inside” - the album means a lot to me spiritually and musically. My next EP, “California” drops 7/24/20 on all platforms. I have new music in the works with an all-time great lyricist, hopefully, our songs will be ready in time for this upcoming release! Look forward to sharing more info on the artists I’m working with soon, and thanks for your support, I appreciate you