Joell Regal's Poetic Lyricism In "Forbidden Fruit" Will Captivate You

Joell Regal, also known as "The Royal Prophetess of Music", is poised to reign as one of the most profound songwriters among her peers. Raised in the heart of Birmingham, her love for music emerged at the early age of 7. Joell Regal has since discovered a passion for songwriting, using her voice and guitar as a means of transforming her life experiences into “melodic words”.

Joell has been moving full speed ahead, opening up for various artists such as jazz flutist Claudia Hayden, and Los Angeles’ own DeQn Sue. With sounds ranging from folk to jazz and from ballads to hip-hop, this artist is a one-stop shop for great music and genuine talent. Spectators of her shows have deemed her “a life saver” and one who “…casts spells on the audience,” as she sings. With lyrics that uplift and exude passion, Joell regal set her sights on not only changing her community, but ultimately the world, by way of music and lyricism, one listener at a time.

With her new song “Forbidden Fruit” from her album "May The Words Of My Hands... Dance", you can sense the emotion of what she is discussing through her diverse and touching lyricism. While analyzing, she describes forbidden fruit as desirable and irresistible temptation, despite the fact you can’t have it. This is similar to love and no matter how much we love something. We wouldn’t be able to have it in certain situations; no matter how irresistible the temptation is.

You can listen to this poetic musical work of art here.

Get to know Joell Regal in our interview below!

Knowing you’ve been musically inclined since the age of 7, have you always knew this was the route for you to take?

No not at all, lol. I had a love for music and singing back then, but my passion was in writing. I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, but of stories and poems. Songwriting and doing music professionally wasn't anywhere on my radar until I was in college. I had been playing instruments my whole life, and had always been a very good writer, then one day I suddenly had the epiphany to put the two together and start songwriting. So I bought a guitar, and the rest is history, lol.

If you can change one negative factor about today’s society what would it be and why?

I would change the negative stigma that's been placed on individuality. We live in a society where being yourself is frowned upon, and being like everybody else is celebrated. People are afraid to be who they are. But it's supposed to be the complete opposite: we should be celebrating everyone's individuality. The world would be a completely different place if we simply live, and let live. We were created to be different, unique, and special. And bringing those differences together is what will create harmony, not alleviating the differences. This is why everything's so chaotic; we're going against the natural order of things. Our society, and the world as a whole, has gotten it wrong.

Who are some of your musical influences and why?

Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, John Legend, Jill Scott, Alanis Morissette, India Arie, Fiona Apple, Lauryn Hill, the list goes on and on and on, lol. Honestly, I try not to intentionally be influenced by any particular music. I believe whatever I listen to, especially growing up, it's all gonna make its way into my music without me trying because it's a part of my makeup, my experiences. I want my music to be a true and pure representation of me, not of any particular artist or genre. So I allow those influences to organically make their way into my sound.

What’s does music mean to you?

To me, music means power. It's the largest and most prevalent influencer on the face of the planet. So to be a steward of music is a huge responsibility. I have the power of life and death in my hands, and I take that very seriously. I want my music to always give life and inspiration.... I want to make people feel like they can fly!

How has it been so far creating your album?

Well I thank God that my album is finished and finally out now! It was a long, hard road. It took me 4 years to finish it. Before 2013, I had never recorded or even been in a studio before. I started performing in 2012, and soon people started asking me for CDs after every performance. So I figured I should give the people what they wanted! But I was in for a rude awakening, and a crash course in the craft of recording, which began in 2013, and lasted for the next 4 years, at 4 different studios, in 2 different states. But I'm glad it took so long because it gave me time to learn myself musically, and discover my strengths and weaknesses. I wrote, arranged, and produced my very own first album, and it's not too shabby, lol, so that's something I'm proud of. But I'll most definitely do some things differently for the next one, and it won't take nearly as long, lol. 

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