Joemayk Releases New Single 'Drive Somewhere'

Joemayk is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer. He began his musical career as soloist under the name of Aaron Avanish in 1999. In 2006 he decided to move to Madrid where he published his first work "A pasos desiertos" which gets an excellent acceptance around Europe. Joemayk decides to change the direction of his career, he starts composing in English his with his EP "Love". With the transition of this career in 2018 he decides to change his artist name in the search of his true style, adopting his first name joined to his second name creating his new artist name ' Joemayk'.

Joemayk released his latest single "Drive Somewhere" on June 3, 2018. The song expresses is a moment of change that JoeMayk goes through. The song is catchy and melodic, with a classic pop-rock flare combining his unique soulful rock voice, with the excellent musical engagement. "Drive Somewhere' is a song that will relate to everyone when you dive deep down into the lyrics. We all have moments of change, and we all experience tough moments at some point in our life. Sometimes picking up the keys and blasting your favorite album on a open road is the best way to be with our thoughts and make peace out of the situation. Listen to 'Drive Somewhere' here.

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Instagram: www.instragram.com/joemayk

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