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John Deaf Sparks A Fire In "Murder (feat. N.E.B.)"

Coming in hot from Long Island is rapper, songwriter, and unconventional hip-hop artist John Deaf with his newest cut-throat single entitled "Murder (feat. N.E.B.)."

Expect the unexpected when it comes to John Deaf's music. He presents a unique sound that defies the conventions of modern rap and hip-hop. His aggressive, witty, and quick flow, paired with his energetic delivery, never fails to entertain the listener. The same can be said about his array of eclectic, dark, and disjointed soundscapes that add spice and zest to the modern hip-hop scene.

He showcases these unconventional yet needed sounds in singles like the recent "Murder (feat. N.E.B.)." This song definitely isn't for the faint of heart; it's a stimulating and ferocious hip-hop banger that showcases Deaf's wealth of musical potential, lyrical prowess, and artistic flexibility. It's quite an intense listening experience, but one that won't be forgotten.

Hitting play on the new single, "Murder (feat. N.E.B.)," the song hauntingly opens with a sample of a buzzy French horn that lingers into a tasty and heated hip-hop beat. The sweltering sonics are enough to leave us in a sweat, but John Deaf's flow, confidence, and charisma calm us down to feast our ears on every aspect of this dynamic tune.

Before we know it, rapper N.E.B. absolutely bulldozes our speakers with some of the fastest flow we've heard from an independent act. His articulation and engaging performance stylings, paired with John Deaf's relaxed and composed flow, make for an incredibly gripping listening experience, sending us to the outro with flames by our sides.

Do yourself a favor and entertain your ears with the exhilarating song that is John Deaf's new hit, "Murder (feat. N.E.B.)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, John Deaf. We adore the unconventional yet captivating approach to hip-hop you've delivered in your new single, "Murder (feat. N.E.B.)." What inspired you to create this heated new single?

Honestly, this came about as a collaborative pitch to record labels in order to get more traction on streaming platforms, preferably Spotify. Being that was the aim, I felt like I had something to prove: to really display my talents as an MC. "Murder" never got approved, but despite such, I'm happy with the resulting song.

What was it like working alongside rapper N.E.B. for "Murder (feat. N.E.B.)?" What was your collaboration like?

It was a dope experience. Being that N.E.B's a technical rapper too, it made it more fun to "really" rap: spitting various flows, hard punchlines, multi-syllables, and freedom in saying whatever I want. Since he was introducing me to the labels that he knew, he took the consideration of going first in the song, giving me the opportunity to leave an impact. He was purposely holding back so he wouldn't steal the spotlight; that's the mark of a real person. Beyond music, N.E.B is the most genuine, funniest, loving, and selfless person you'd ever meet, and I would never trade that collaborative experience for anything else. Also, please check out his music.

What was your goal with "Murder (feat. N.E.B.)?" What did you want to provide listeners with when creating the song?

Despite the goal of gaining more listeners, personally, my aim was to just go crazy lyrically since I felt like I haven't yet. So I didn't really take into consideration what to provide listeners with this song. I just wanted the satisfaction of knowing that I tried, and ultimately, the listener will hear that, in a joyful way hopefully.

How do songs like "Murder (feat. N.E.B.)" help new listeners get to know you better? Would you say this song is a solid representation of the style and sound of music you create?

From the first listen, I believe they get to know that I rap unreasonably fast, but I take my craft seriously, and being that this is one of my more "conventional" songs, it'll captivate them through easy listening. On the contrary, this isn't a "solid" representation of my sound, and it'll probably mislead them upon further listening to my catalog. But, style-wise, they'll understand soon that I'm very versatile, and that misleading could introduce them to something new, which is what I'm trying to promote with my sound. It's all bait and catch, but the songs that I bait hold the same quality as the ones that I truly value.

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