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John Love Sings His Heart Out In His Debut Single, “A Song for You”

John Love is a musician and actor based out of Chicago, IL. He currently tours with The Second City’s National Touring as a musical director and plays piano for a collective in Chicago called The North and Wells Band. He only just recently started creating original music and pursuing a solo career.

The singer-songwriter is making his debut as a solo performer with the release of his first single "A Song For You.” Set to drop October 29th, 2021, “A Song For You” is a beautifully crafted piece where John Love professes his regret for a misunderstanding that would eventually lead to the end of his relationship. Guided by masterful songwriting, “A Song For You” caters to an epiphany of emotions that bonds the listener to John Love’s deepest feelings.

His gentle voice enters the listener's ears with a melodic breeze that induces a cascade of goosebumps. His playing of the piano brings a sign of joyful life, in an otherwise melancholic song. The cohesion between all the elements of the instrumental is inspiring and delivers newfound compartments with every new listen. This aspect of "A Song For You” invites you to give it numerous play-throughs with its mesmerizing ambiance. John Love’s empathetic and genuine nature is truly prominent in this song, and garners his audience’s most vulnerable appreciation, regarding his craft.

Given his vast experience in the music industry and his knowledge of song creation, we are unbelievably optimistic that he will thrive in his solo career. John Love demonstrates uncanny professionalism and natural talent to connect with his fanbase. With an EP in the works, that has a projected release date of January 2022, John Love is well on his way to becoming a household name.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, John Love. We are so happy to have you here with us. Congratulations on your debut single, "A Song For You." What was the creative process like for you?

Thanks for having me back! You guys are great. I worked as a musical director with The Second City in Chicago. This song started like many independent artists' tunes - a Logic demo with a drum loop and crammed-bedroom closet vocal takes. I was able to bring the finished product to life at a coworker/friend's studio (Jesse Case at Outsider Audio) with one of my oldest pals, Colette J. Beckwith, on drums and our friend Charlie Brooks on guitar/bass. Jesse, Colette, and Charlie helped the song come to life with their respective expertise, and I owe them everything. For me, the creative process usually means music first and lyrics second, which was the case for this particular song. Once I had the demo recorded, I wrote the lyrics in one sitting, and there you have it.

How did you find it shifting to solo work?

It was a new process for me. Working with my band, "The North and Wells Band," there are always three other opinions to consider. So with my say being final, it was weird, but I enjoyed the introduced freedom. At the same time, you risk not hearing something someone else might pick up on or add. Luckily, CJ, Jesse, and Charlie all have incredible musical ears and knowledge so having their feedback/wisdom during the recording session was unbelievably valuable. I think I'll keep doing solo stuff, but I do have a passion for collaboration and love working with a group to finish projects.

What was the inspiration behind your song "A Song For You?" What do you find this says about you as an artist?

The lyrics were inspired by looking back on a previous relationship with a more mature mindset than the past, younger POV. Often, we have trouble admitting we're wrong, but with growth and time, we all have the chance to recognize our flaws and strive to be better. We may write songs for others and be disappointed that they don't show enough appreciation as we may crave when, behind closed doors, they genuinely love it, play it all the time, and dance around their room. Overall, as an artist, I would say I have a positive growth outlook and recognize my flaws as a human being. The appeal of this single, in particular, is to inspire growth as a human being hopefully. The main character of the song represents the path of youthful ignorance on its way to mature understanding. At the same time, the secondary character is meant to represent a more developed, compassionate empathy as the principal character voyages through their journey to that understanding and, ultimately, acceptance.

How does it feel being so vulnerable in front of your listeners? Has this always come easily for you?

As I said, I work as a musical director for a comedy club in Chicago. A lot of what we do is subtly mask points of view through the guise of comedy. So for me to be vulnerable like this and say my feelings more outright (and not with three other bandmates) is totally weird and new for me. It never really has come that easily for me. During the pandemic, I had a lot of time to personally grow when it came to being comfortable sharing my feelings. I guess releasing this song and these following few tunes I put out is my way of starting that vulnerable process in front of whoever may listen.

How excited are you to release your first EP? What can we expect from the project?

I'm very excited! January 2022, I will release my first full EP titled "LOVE." It'll feature "A Song For You" and my next single, "We Still Have More To Do," plus four or five other tracks. There will be some instrumentals, some with lyrics. You'll notice an underlying theme of drony, synth vibes, which makes it a pretty easy-going EP to listen to. I hope that it will take listeners to a few different places as they cruise through the tracklist.


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