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John Noble Barrack Has Us Feeling The Impact Of “The Wake”

Weaving stories of grief, hope, death, disillusionment, and euphoria through the eyes of a twenty-something New Englander, John Noble Barrack stops at nothing. Continuing his character study of loss with his third studio single, "The Wake," we get to explore the songwriting techniques of John Noble Barrack intimately.

The vulnerability of this record has us touring through an acoustic composition that delicately trickles through the speakers with a rather prevailing demeanor. The sparsity in the warm guitar strums is paired with heartfelt violin and impactful percussion. Taking this approach further to propel the striking lyrical motifs of this song, John Noble Barrack has us in a deep state of reflection. As we find ourselves hanging onto the nostalgia of past pain experienced, John Noble Barrack's tale emphasizes healing.

Revisiting his juvenile years with the same pain that always comes with every heartbreak, "The Wake" has us experiencing his moment of waking up and realizing he is without his love for the first time. Knowing that we've all been through a moment as such, the sentimental connection that has us spiraling in our emotions is truly breathtaking. As each moment progresses, we can't help but shake the bravery that comes from reliving a moment so life-changing.

As we go through the motions and find ways to cope on our own, we highly encourage everyone to take a moment and heal with the sounds of John Noble Barrack and "The Wake."


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