John Rush Gives us a Little Taste of the Wild West on Latest Release "Sister"

A harmonica calls you into John Rush's new track "Sister" like a steam engine whistle, blowing along the track.

Hot off the heels of a very eventful 2019, John Rush has continued his exciting path of a year adorned with sold-out shows and approaching summer music festivals; John is spreading his wings and is bringing his music to fans across the UK.

"Sister" was recorded live during a sweaty 8 hour recording session where John played every instrument featured on this riveting track.

"Sister," tells the tale of reflection of wrongdoing towards another, a grumbling apology, offering an explanation to those that may have been hurt, annoyed, or angered along the way. John continues to enlighten, explaining that if you foster reciprocal relationships and let love in, you will inevitably trudge through the mud and develop a lasting bond.

The acoustic guitar strums with power and intent as John smoothly howls his lyrics like a cowboy calling his cattle home at dusk. "Sister"  is a juxtaposition of sound, and John has illustrated the song, rather uniquely, as we hear a transformation of familiar folk characteristics to a dark and hazy ballad of the wild west.

You won't be able to stop your foot from stomping along with John Rush's latest hit "Sister."

Hello John, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release "Sister." Can you tell us a bit about where the melody came from?

I suppose it's just an amalgamation of many influences, its defo got that driving blues thing happening. Bit of Ritchie Havens in there with some Black Keys for good measure

As you mentioned, sister was recorded during an 8hr recording session. What was that process like for you? How were you able to layer the elements so cohesively while creating every aspect of sound yourself? It was a really enjoyable experience, felt like a wee guy again. Recorded the acoustic with a click and then just experiment after that. "Oh, a bass drum all the way through... Can I add some of that Roland Keyboard actually now" then adding all the backing vocals was fun? Was just a great experience. 100% the most creative session I've had in a studio.

"Sister" touches on a more serious subject matter of burned-out relationships while offering a path to absolution. Do you commonly write your songs from a personal place?

I think I used to just not bother about lyrics, it was all about the melody. But as I started writing more personalized lyrics, folk began to listen more. I suppose folks know when your not being genuine, you get sniffed out very quickly. So I suppose I just write what's on my mind at the time these days. I get to vent and folk can relate, so everybody wins I'd like to think.

We've seen many shows canceled around the globe due to the recent events of Covid-19. How will it feel finally being able to get up in front of a crowd and playing your songs live?

Well, I was penciled in to play around 10/12 shows over this period, lots of festivals including Eden Fest, Threshold Fest, and Doune The Rabbit Hole not to mention my own Headline Show in Glasgow that was set for the 7th of May (it's now been rescheduled for the 14th of Oct). But its "1st world problems" when the reality is folks' lives are at risk, so I'll dry my eyes. I really can't wait to get out and play though, it'll be another version of what used to be but I'm sure we will all work out very quickly how to have a lot of fun in the new norm'

What's next for you, John? Well as I've said the Glasgow Headline Show at Saint Luke's has been rescheduled for the 14th of October but other than that I don't think we have much else booked. I have written a lot since lockdown so I am excited to get into a studio whenever I can. I have a few that I'm really excited to let folk hear. Other than that just being allowed to see my family and friends in person is what I'm really buzzing about. I'll maybe try and tick that off first