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John Tornquist's 'Mr. Lonely': A Modern Americana Journey From The Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore singer-songwriter and Americana artist John Tornquist teams up with childhood friend and guitarist Ken Hulse and long-time pals Tom Spina (bass) and Thomas Sciro (drums) for a big debut EP, Mr. Lonely.

Fans of Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison will be head over heels for this new project, as John Tornquist infuses past and present elements to create a 3-track EP rooted in Americana and that new country feel. Featuring renowned musician Marc Muller on pedal and lap steel and the expertise of legendary audio engineer Rich Travali, Mr. Lonely is a project brimming with passion. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Kicking off with radiant energy and feel-good country instrumentation, "Mr. Lonely" opens with John Tornquist's warm vocals alongside a twangy guitar, setting the tone with passion and personality. Listening to his lyrics, John Tornquist expresses honest emotions of feeling lonely in someone's presence, hoping he won't become the man who turns his back on others or never has anything positive to stay. It naturally showcases his lust for life and its experiences, while the instrumentation adds a sweet, rhythmic cherry on top.

Moving into track number two, "Windows Down," John Tornquist turns down the lights and ups the emotion with a soothing acoustic guitar and his comforting, tender vocals. As he plans his escape on the open road, leaving before dawn, the instrumentation expands with mid-tempo drums and that iconic pedal and lap steel guitar. This song sounds like the soundtrack for the lonely wanderer, setting off on his journey for answers and enjoying the ride. It's a refreshing mid-way point that reminds us to stop and smell the roses.

Onto the EP's outro track, "Good Year," John Tornquist raises his glass to the year, the lessons learned, friends made, friends lost, and everything that made up 2023. We totally hear the Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison influences shine through on this track, fusing pain, perseverance, and positivity while swooning listeners with captivating instrumentals. The song's electric guitar solo is food for the soul, and John Tornquist's emphasis on how things "come and go" reminds us to keep our heads high, say a prayer, and move forward.

It's no surprise that the band is already recording their sophomore project. Talent and passion are taking John Tornquist to new heights, and Mr. Lonely is a prime example. Hear it for yourself and find the new EP on all digital streaming platforms.


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