Johnny Wvlker Delivers a Solid New Club Hit With “Area 51”

Johnny Wvlker is an independent artist all the way from Ohio who calls LA his home. Johnny Wvlker released his latest single titled “Area 51” and this song was a hit! “Area 51” had an addictive vibe that we loved to the fullest. “Area 51” is the kind of song that will get the club hyped up and the party jumping. The energy is completely absorbable and radiates off an exhilarating but vibrant vibe. The personality in Johnny Wvlker is presented in the song. You get a good glimpse of an aspect of Johnny Wvlker as an artist in the way he conducted “Area 51”.

It had this trendy production and wavy flow that will digest perfectly with many people. Johnny Wvlker delivered us a detailed arrangement with his intricate cadence and punchlines. “Area 51” had many quotable lyrics that can be used for cool captions and social media posts! “Area 51” was vividly imaginative and it had an aura of fun that was able to sensationally touch its listener. “Area 51” was an outgoing record that still managed to give us aggression, intense bars, and a strong rap pitch.

You can listen to “Area 51” by Johnny Wvlker here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Johnny Wvlker! How was it growing up in Ohio? Was there a heavy hip-hop scene there?

Ohio is cool, slow for real. Not much to do there so I came out to LA. Fewer rules, better life. I mean...there's a lot of artists from Ohio. Not many from Cincy but like Kid Cudi, Trippie, Bone Thugs, Hi-Tek are all from Ohio. And Cincinnati has festivals & rap shows DT a lot. I used to every weekend when I was there. Just not enough room to blow. But shout out to Cincinnati & all my friends there!

Tell us about your song “Area 51” it resonated well with us here at BuzzMusic. What was the theme for it?

Hell Yeah! Glad you guys liked it. Its a wave! And it didn't take much time comin' up with. Marcus Miles & I were just vibing to a couple of beats & landed on that one. Bounced around some ideas until we found that "Yeah we outta here" line. I WAS LIKE THAT'S IT! That set the tone and atmosphere. Then I did my verse and he freestyled the end. I was trying to think of a name and I didn't want it to be a phrase from the track. I was like WE OUTTA HERE! AREA 51!

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Area 51” and how did you overcome the obstacle?

It wasn't difficult to make it was just what we do. And I came up with the cover concept. Mason Graham designed it. He's a dope graphic artist from The Bay, check him out.

Did you experiment with any new elements in the songwriting or production process for “Area 51”?

AREA 51 was mostly a freestyle we made into a single. Definitely proud of it! 

What’s next for you Johnny Wvlker?

What's next? TOOO THE MOOON!! Been formulating my sound & built an arsenal of tracks coming into 2020! I have a creative collective- DEAD POET SOXIETY.. Been sourcing deals with labels like Atlantic etc, seeing what the best options are for me. But doing it all from the muscle now! I have a single/EP dropping sometime next year called WONDERLAND. It's a whole world and gonna be super wavy! Look out for WONDERLAND. New video for "TOO HIGH" coming in January too. It's on my IG, some BTS.