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Join Aaron Marlowe On A Journey To Discover The “Bottom Of The Shot Glass”

Nashville's finest, Aaron Marlowe, takes us on a night out with an overview of his newest release, "Bottom Of The Shot Glass."

Having been a software developer for 20 years, Aaron believed he had more than computer skills to give the world.

Twenty-five years of guitar experience helped guide his sound to personal perfection. Aaron's authenticity branches from his influences from the '70s & '80s, like Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, and Neil Young. The blend of country and rock brings Aaron's sound to a new horizon; he purposely brings euphoric, nostalgic-like tracks to remind listeners of the good times.

Searching for lost love at the end of a shot glass is a moment many can resonate with, whether it be a lost relative or lost lover. Aaron Marlowe sets the atmosphere for a perfect gathering with friends and family by taking us through an evening of booze and country grooves. During the second verse, Aaron meets a woman, and the sparks fly high, igniting the love lost and giving him a sense of hope for a brighter day.

The guitar continues to strum away and gracefully mesh country soul and rock & roll with the help of a gritty drum player and nostalgia; Aaron Marlowe hands us a record he mentions as his favorite of the 10-track LP "Resurrection."

Stream and support Aaron Marlowe's "Bottom Of The Shot Glass" (including the music video), available now.


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