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Join Bella Rosa On An Emotion-Filled Voyage With, “Hate That I Love U”

15-year-old alternative/pop artist Bella Rosa has recently released a new single, “Hate That I Love U,” feat. Adrian X.

Inspired by her musician father, Bella Rosa has always been deeply connected to music. Her goal is to create lasting music that feels as real and relatable as possible, to not project any false realities. With over 300,000 streams on Spotify, Bella Rosa is quickly proving her worth as a musician. Her feature on her new song, Adrian X, is a fellow Canadian and wicked guitarist and musician in the realm of psychedelic R&B.

Bella Rosa’s newest release, “Hate That I Love U,” is an emotional and mournful ballad that showcases her raw vocals and will have you grabbing for the tissues.

“Hate That I Love U” has a slow and angelic start, giving it a melancholic atmosphere maintained throughout the song. Bella Rosa projects vulnerability in her vocals, taking the listener on a journey of heartbreak that they will feel like they lived through. She sings of unwilling acceptance of being treated less than you deserve and knowing a situation is toxic but not having the willpower to leave. The layering of Bella Rosa’s vocals adds another charismatic and alluring dynamic to the song.

Steady in the background is Adrian X and his mellow, flowing guitar. The guitar melody complements Bella Rosa’s soft vocals in a comforting and serene way, helping the listener become fully immersed in the song. “Hate That I Love U” is a vivid and piercing recount of a relatable heartbreak for anyone who might need a shoulder to cry on.

Available now on all streaming platforms, don’t miss Bella Rosa’s fiery new song “Hate That I Love U."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bella Rosa, and thanks for sharing “Hate That I Love U” with us! What was the recording and production process like for this track? What made you want to release “Hate That I Love U” as a single?

"Hate that I love u" was a very cool process as I got to write it with four incredible artists. We sat in a studio all day and finished the song. I finally heard the demo and brought it back home to my team and said, “we have to release this. It’s too good not to release it.” they agreed and also thought that the song could be an absolute banger/anthem for heartbreak! Around the time I wrote hate that I love u, I met Adrian X and became close with him. He began to mentor me, and when "Hate that I love u" was finally ready to be released, I showed the song to him first, and then we talked about possibly recording an acoustic version. I asked Adrian because I knew he would create something new and different to give the song a new perspective.

How did you know you wanted a featured guitarist on “Hate That I Love U,” and why was Adrian X the right choice for you?

When I was about 11 to 12, I wanted to be the next big pop star. I started writing my songs, but I always felt like I was writing "in the lines." I never felt like I was free to write everything I wanted to in this genre, only a small selection of topics. I then went through the phase we all go through. The hard rock phase. I loved it while it lasted, but I still wanted something different. I grew out of that phase, and I felt at one point that I was pushing myself to be something I wasn't anymore. Finally, around the age of 14, maybe 15, I found Billie Eilish. She inspired me so much because her music wasn't only one genre. It was a mix of whatever she wanted it to be. So after a long search, I found my happy place in alternative music!

You mentioned you have been interested in music from an extremely young age. How have your sound and musical inspirations shifted over the years? Do you see yourself trying out even more styles of music?

I’m an alternative artist, and I know I will stay that way. I have the freedom to release all kinds of music without being labeled as one specific genre. Music breaks the rules, and alternative breaks them even more.

What sorts of challenges do you come across as a young singer-songwriter?

As a young artist, most of the time, I don't get taken as seriously because of my age…. Now when they hear my songs, see my music videos, and live shows, it's a different story. I get seen as a little kid, and then people see I have potential. I work with the most incredible team that always delivers the best quality. Quality is very important to me as I want to give my fans the best I can give them. So that is really the hardest thing for me, but once I break that barrier, people have really supported me because they see I have great music and the package to be an international star.

What's next for you?

I will continue to release this year. There are a lot of really cool new things coming that I'm very excited about. What I can say is I will be ending the year with a BANG!!


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