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Join Jenny Grace In A Heartfelt Odyssey Of Unattainable Love With Her Poignant Visuals For “Dreaming

Get ready to take a ride on the emotional express with Jenny Grace's latest music video masterpiece, "Dreaming."

This isn't your typical love story; it's a heart-wrenching tale of desire and unattainable love that hits you right in the gut. Hailing from Nashville, the enchanting Jenny Grace thrives in the shadows. Her vintage country vibes and Southern charm captivate listeners across the ages, while her narratives fearlessly delve into life's complexities, capturing both the saintly and the sinful.

Against a backdrop of classic country chords, Jenny Grace's haunting vocals transport you into a world of longing and yearning. "Dreaming" isn't just a song—it's a raw, soul-baring anthem that demands to be heard with the windows down and the volume cranked up.

But hold onto your heart because the music video takes the feels to a whole new level. Nestled in the lush hills of New Hampshire, we follow Jenny and her crush as they navigate chance encounters in small-town spots. It's like stepping into their world of romantic tension and what-ifs. And let's talk about dream sequences.

Prepare for picnics amid breathtaking scenery, idyllic mountain walks that redefine goals, and a chemistry that practically sizzles through the screen. But here's the twist: This love is tantalizingly out of reach. As you watch Jenny scroll through snapshots of her love interest, you're right there with her, feeling the ache of a connection that can never fully materialize.

Jenny Grace's "Dreaming" music video is an emotional rollercoaster. It's an invitation to explore those moments of unspoken yearning we've all felt. So go on, hit play, let those emotions flow, and sing along like your heart depends on it.

"Dreaming" isn't just a music video. It's a three-and-a-half-minute journey through the labyrinth of unfulfilled desires.

Your latest music video for "Dreaming" is a visual journey through the complexities of unattainable love. Can you share the inspiration behind the song and video with us?

Most people are generally unhappy in their current relationships. Many people settle down young because they want to be married before they're 30 or achieve some check in the box for their lives. The universe doesn't work that way, and you can't choose things like love from a place of practicality and control. Throughout the centuries, arranged marriages have occurred. Everyone remembers the stories of Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Isolde; it's the age-old curse that true love never runs smoothly. Also, some loves could never be; maybe they were too mighty for this world. The song was written based on actual events.

New Hampshire provides a stunning backdrop for the 'Dreaming' music video. How did you decide on this location, and how do you feel it enhances the emotional depth of the story?

I love New Hampshire. I have been going there since childhood to Santa's Village and North Conway for vacations. I wanted a "Yellowstone" type of mood for this video. Instead of flying to Montana, I tried to capture the beautiful mountains of New England, especially because I grew up in the region. New England has a vibrant history and timelessness, with an underlying spooky energy, especially in autumn. The song is spiritual and has some dark elements to it compositionally, so I needed scenery that would reflect this hidden sadness the way New England does.

The song "Dreaming" has struck a chord with listeners due to its relatable themes of longing and desire. Could you share your creative process in bringing this passionate country ballad to life, particularly in weaving storytelling into the music?

My guitarist friend Brian Mckeever sent me an entirely produced demo with banjo, drums, and acoustic guitars. The night he sent it to me, I wrote the song. The hook came to me quickly, and I worked out the verses soon after. I tracked vocals with my microphone and sent them back with the demo track, and Brian responded, "Another hit." Lucid dreams were a big part of my twin flame experience, so I thought this was perfect for the theme of "Dreaming" to portray the torment of dreaming of someone you can't be with. The dreams for these connections can go on for weeks and even years, as mine did. In the video, I tried to portray the element of star-crossed lovers with the scene on the bridge where Antonio and I bump into each other: the lyrics say, "Did I know you in another time?" - as a lot of these connections are also rooted in past life connections.

The chemistry between you and your crush in the video is palpable, yet it's a love that seems just out of reach. How did you approach portraying such raw emotions on screen, and did any personal experiences influence your performance?

Antonio Decilla and I are both represented as models. We are trained to portray a particular look on camera for a photograph or commercial. However, sometimes the camera doesn't lie, and real chemistry has to be there. It happens with actors when they meet on set; there is this potent chemistry, and the crew and the audience can feel it. I am glad we were able to create some magic in this video and allow the viewers to feel something.

What's next for you?

The more I keep releasing music, the more opportunities arise. I am recording new music in September and will be releasing a follow-up single to this one. I also just got my merch line, and I am so excited to partner with a woman-owned Long Island company, Madam Merchant, who designs all my products. I had a show this weekend where I am back in New Hampshire, playing alongside the Zac Brown band! The show sold out, so it was awesome. I also love Zac Brown's band and loved seeing them live for the first time.

I will also be playing in Nashville at Tin Roof in September and traveling out west to California for some shows in October. I want to keep making music and memories with the amazing people I've met on this journey.


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