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Join Melaina Laurent in Living Her, "Summer Dream"

Melaina Laurent has always felt that she was a true performer. As an emerging artist, Melaina Laurent only began releasing her own music at the beginning of this year. Her first release, "Shape Me," focused on Melaina's desire to be her true, authentic self, and her second release, "Summer Dream," is more for a laidback, amusing listening experience.

With a strong mindset and heart, Melaina Laurent is ready to take the pop music scene on full-tilt, and "Summer Dream" proves that she's taking on the right approach.

"Summer Dream" opens up with charismatic and calming acoustics that allow a free-feeling ambiance to persist. Melaina Laurent integrates her vocals pretty quickly into the song, which is first a soft and charming style, but once arriving at the chorus, her vocal intensity and limits get tested in subtle ways.

"Summer Dream" travels through a few different themes, the predominant one being living in a summer-like dream, as Melaina Laurent elaborates on the fun summer can bring. Even further, she delves into summer flings and the thoughts that arise from such a relationship. Regardless of the storyline that manifests, Melaina Laurent keeps up a strong, positive and warm vibe throughout "Summer Dream," instilling a real fun, free and summer-loving tone.

We're impressed with the work of Melaina Laurent, as she really created a stimulating summer bop with the release of "Summer Dream," and we're thankful that we have yet another upbeat single to add to the end of our summer playlists.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Melaina Laurent. How fun was it creating "Summer Dream"? Can you walk our readers through your recording process and if you encountered any out-of-the-norm experiences during it?

Hey! Creating "Summer Dream" was nothing less of, well, a dream! It was such a fun process! We created "Summer Dream" last year during the summer, so it was a perfect time to get into the mood for this song! Going into my second single, I wanted a very lighthearted fun song that listeners can easily relate to, while also setting the summer mood! We recorded it many times in many different ways in the studio, and I am so happy with how it turned out. Doing the background singing and harmonies was definitely the most difficult part. The strangest experience of "summer dream" was definitely creating the cover photo. While edited by Amelia Larocca, my older brother actually took all of the pictures for it. Being out in the middle of a lake with a paddleboard, boat, and expensive camera on a wavy day was definitely a challenge and resulted in me falling in many times.

What was the purpose of "Summer Dream" for you? Was there a certain narrative you wanted your listeners to resonate with?

The purpose of "Summer Dream" was really just to create a fun atmosphere wherever the song played! My family and friends loved listening to this on the boat, on the beach, and jamming out in the car. I wanted this song to just be a fun and upbeat song to unite people!

How do you ensure that your current music releases are offering elements that are disparate from the common pop singles being released within the music industry today?

My trademark for my music is genuinely being authentic. I write music for me and for my life experiences. While doing that, I hope the audience my music reaches while feeling something while listening to my music. That’s really what my overall goal is, wanting people to feel something.

What kind of response were you hoping to receive from your single "Summer Dream?"

The response I was hoping to get from Summer Dream was a positive feeling from people who enjoy my song. My goal was to unite people.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is always up in the air. I hope to keep creating music while continuing to unite people and spreading a message through my music.


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