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Join the Sun-Kissed Party in Barbados With Jxnesdeath’s New Single

Jxnesdeath is an 18-year-old rapper and singer from Staten Island, NY. Taking our attention to his latest single, we hear how he fuses his Dominican roots with his established melodic, hip-hop sound on “Besos En Barbados.” Allowing us to delve into a simmering, tropical vibe that sets the tone for the sonic journey, Jxnesdeath has us actively absorbing the upbeat atmosphere before us.

“Besos En Barbados” has us grasping onto the many talents of Jxnesdeath as he has us taking in his talents as an emcee and singer. This song will transport you to the warm, night-time breezes and the sunkissed feeling of the heat on your skin - and we love when an artist can do this for us.

With a musical sound that compares to Post Malone, you can hear how Jxnesdeath’s artistic techniques channel a mainstream appeal with soothing melodies that are accompanied by punchy lyrics. Jxnesdeath has all eyes and ears on him as he carries us to the end of this track with the genre-bending components complementing one another and upping the ante for a record of this caliber.

Fueling us with a lively party-driven ambiance in a song that will most likely make it to your favorite playlist, Jxnesdeath has us swooning towards “Besos En Barbados.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jxnesdeath, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Besos En Barbados.” When creating such a lively vibe, how do you shift your mind to fit the scope of your song?

Thank you! I usually try to imagine how the beat would sound in a movie scene, and what vibe the beat or melody is portraying, and base my lyrics on that.

It’s always a journey for artists as they anticipate the release date! How does it feel to have this particular single released? What has the feedback been like?

Honestly, it’s been good I wanted this song to release for a while now, and it’s great that people get to hear it now and enjoy it, the feedback ever since the snippet dropped was positive so that’s been amazing.

Is there a particular moment or story that inspired “Besos En Barbados?"

Yea actually, I just recently came back from Orlando Florida after spending time with some of my friends, I noticed the weather and the place we stood was very therapeutic. I went back home a few days after, found a melody loop on my computer, and having Caribbean roots myself I started to think about those types of places with sun and great vibes. So I said Barbados, the whole thing “Besos en Barbados” came from me thinking about the term sun kiss and mixing it with Barbados and yea. Freestyled the whole song in about 26 min. It's definitely one of my fav hype songs I got.

What has been your favorite part of your artistic journey this far?

My favorite part about this journey is evolving and the growing fan base, I always wanna keep evolving my flows, my melodies, and sound to keep people on the edge of their seats, I love it and I love the support.

What's next for you?

I wanna show people different sounds, I want to bring actual meaning to the songs and everything just for people to relate to, the next couple of tracks are going to show that, and after maybe a little project but who knows, we’ll just have to see.

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