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Join Us As INTLCT Exhibits What The "Science Trap," Really Is

INTLCT, originally from Montgomery, Alabama, is a rapper and lyricist that paints pictures metaphorically and describes his life in and out of the streets. He talks about things that he personally experienced, the political issues he's faced, and how they affected his outlook on life.

In his latest single, "Science Trap," he touches on subjects like oppression, street life, and self-encouragement. As we listen in close to the many struggles he had growing up in the hood, he speaks on how difficult it was to think outside of the box. Misperceptions often happen because sometimes the hood is all you know, especially mentioning the media control misguiding on top of it all.

The crooked system never sat well with INTLCT. He explains in his verse that even though it's a journey, it's extremely difficult to see your destination through all the obstacles you've faced on the way. One of these obstacles for INTLCT was his brother getting shot six times. Through this all, he strives to plant seeds for his future and understands that we need to go through the storm to reach salvation.

He speaks on how they put people in prison and glorify the same things all over the media that they're locking people up for. Hence the title "Science Trap," INTLCT believes that there's more to what meets the eye as to what really goes on in these streets.

Welcome to BuzzMusic INTLCT. It's a pleasure to have you here with us today. How did you come about the concept for this record, and what was your creative process while writing it?

Contrasting lifestyles were compared to where I grew up and lived as an adult. Similar statistics and pretty much the same distractions exist in certain demographics around America. I correlated the conditions to a science experiment because most areas were actually called 'projects.'

You touch on many interesting subjects that are often overlooked. What would you like your listeners to take away from this record?

I just wanted to give the listeners an insight into my mentality from a personal but political perspective as well.

There are many changes happening in the world right now. What are three things you'd change in your community if you had the opportunity to?

More art murals, more creative but positive signs, posters, bulletins as well to influence the youths mentally.... kind of like how it was growing up in the 90s. I am figuring a way to keep the Earth green by cleaning the streets in more harmony and community unison, influencing a healthy fit lifestyle derived from dieting and exercise.

No wars, no jealousy, or envy. Once that's erased, there will be any more distractions

we'd become more of a people of the planet instead of being destructive to it.

Who or what inspired you to create your first rhyme? Describe to us more about that moment.

I've always been a writer since I was younger. As I matured, I started to try to figure out a creative way to expand and display my message.

What's next?

More music, of course!

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