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Join Us In The Spotlight With Rice's Latest Single, "Juice"

A brand new single from the highly talented Rice (co-founder of a label and impressive hip-hop artist) has been making waves in the hip-hop realm. His vision musically is to instill belief in the listeners and passion to go chase after their wildest dreams.

Rice wholeheartedly believes that music is a bridge for people and a way to connect to the masses and people that need music. Rice plans to have a massive impact through activism and his influential music, using the world as his oyster. Rice describes his new release as a vivid exploration of 2Pac's life.

His new single "Juice" kicks off with a mysterious piano to set the dark atmosphere supporting his simple yet effective rap flow. Rice always delivers lyrical content that hits the soul with a spice of trumpet instrumentation, leaving you fiending for more. Additionally, he wasted no time dabbling in leadership topics, giving this track a sense of urgency and fire to keep us vibing and entertained.

In Rice's recent interview with BuzzMusic, he sheds light on how the movie "Juice" inspired the artist he is today and the powerful music he continues to create. He explained songwriting as a 'brick by brick' process, crafting the masterpiece one line at a time. Rice explained his story and the correlation of the storyline in "Juice" and "Above The Rim" relates to his personal journey.

Rice's main message he wanted to bring across with his latest release "Juice" is for people to believe in themselves, in their dreams, and pursue whatever the circumstances or environment that they're in. You have to pursue what you believe in, "but don't sacrifice your integrity."

Make sure to support and share his beautiful and passionate art and latest hip-hop banger, "Juice," available on all streaming platforms.

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