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JoJo Dollaz Leaves Behind a Legacy That Reflects His Unmatched Talents

Born and raised in the Eastside of San Jose, California, Joseph was better known by the artistic moniker JoJo Dollaz. He left behind a legacy of being an American rapper, songwriter, and artist. Before his passing at the young age of 19, he was in the process of recording his first album, which will be released in due time.

JoJo Dollaz began rapping at the tender age of 12 for his cousins in his grandparent's garage. It was then when family and friends saw his talent. Fixated on his intelligent traits, JoJo Dollaz used his intellect to light the fiery passion within himself in the detention centers. He read many books, wrote many of his songs, and created his artwork.

Channeling into the artistic energy that JoJo Dollaz carries with him in his bequest, we focus our attention on the captivating vibrancy emanated in the single and music video for "1800," featuring Hip-hop artists DirtyBandzYay. Thriving in the light of a clear and present direction with the lyrical dexterity illuminated, JoJo Dollaz can be heard rapping with a hunger in his vocals.

Using witty quips in his performance to sway his listeners into the rhythmic punches that JoJo Dollaz' cadences offer, the minimalistic approach to the music video allows the words that are brought to the surface to stick like glue.

We're presented with a series of mesmerizing visuals honed in on red-light hues that showcase the impact that "1800" holds in the eye of the beholder. Quick cuts between a red and white backdrop allow the staple words from the carefully crafted verses to jump out at you on the screen as the song progresses. With numerous versions of JoJo Dollaz on the screen, we can't take our eyes off of the force conveyed with not only one but three of him in the midst of our presence.

Quickly panning to DirtyBandzYay outdoors with his inner circle, we're then graced with a new foreground to take in alongside his versatility's modern transition. Together we're immersed in the contagious vigor that both artists bring to the table as they feed off of each other's boisterous personas.

JoJo Dollaz has us swimming in a pool of art that he can proudly leave behind. "1800" contains all of the alluring dynamism while placing JoJo Dollaz at the top. If you have yet to tap in, we encourage you to absorb the enticing sounds that JoJo Dollaz continues to wear as an authentic expression.



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