Jojo2amazing Debuts New Track "Bedwalk"

Jojo2amazing is the C.E.O. / Founder of OnDaBeatz Mafia Productions (O.B.D. Mafia) Based out of Elmont, Long Island, New York. He released a vibe for us to enjoy titled “Bedwalk” off his upcoming mixtape titled “Soulfood”. With the highlight lyric “Shorty wanna go down”, “Bedwalk” is a sexy and sensual hip-hop song with subtle elements and chilled, laid-back delivery by Jojo2amazing. In the music video released alongside to the song, Jojo2amazing is vibing with a girl whose setting the mood for both of them while also fitting the aesthetic of the single.

The chemistry between the model in the video in the artist, enhances the whole energy of “BedWalk”. The lyricism aren’t just childish bars either. Jojo2amazing delivered some witty and signature lyrics with a repetitive but addicting hook. One quality I really liked about the song was the classic violin being played in the background instrumental. The violin added onto the atmosphere Jojo2amazing fabricated for us. The entire song is a vibe that many people would love and it fits right into the plethora of our other atmospheric hip-hop, slow jams on our playlists.

Listen to "Bedwalk" here and get to know Jojo2amazing in our interview below!

Mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Yeah no problem..I’m JoJo2amazing, I was born in the early 90s.. October of 92 to be exact. Born in Brooklyn NY.. Then moved to Elmont Long Island at the age of 3.. So yeah, I lived there the majority of my life. And I’m just on a mission to make change.. Not only in my hood, but generational change.

When did you first decide to pursue a career in music? How long have you’ve been making music?

I’ve always been on the music wave since the summer of 5th grade, and I’m 26 now, so 15 years just about.. You see, I’m a big believer in  “Everything happens for a reason” and it just so happens that the one person I despised the most in elementary school (cuz I was on some jealous hater ish lol) ended up becoming not only a close friend but family... I only bring this up because this person I’m talking about, his dad did music.. Haitian Music at that.. And not for “play play” either.. He was making a living. And with that came access to the studio in the basement that his dad used to record his songs.. As well as the fact that we were some curious ass kids. We messed around and made a couple of joints, and then realized from our peers that we were on too something new.. 

What’s the inspiration behind your name Jojo2amazing?

Ok so for those who don’t know, my first name is Joel or Jo-el (both spelt the same way “Joel”)... So all my life, I’ve been hearing so many abbreviations of my name and it’s not even like my name is full of syllables.. Ive been hearing my moms call me by Joel on a good day or Jo-el when she’s mad.. Then I hear lazy ass people calling me Joe, totally abandoning the L.. also in my High School years, I’ve been hearing JoJo..Now as for the latter part of my name (2amazing).. That’s what the shawties would call me back in the day you dig 

Tell us a little bit about this mixtape  releasing, what can we expect out of “Soulfood” ?

You can expect a diverse project as a whole.. with quality put into the music.. Songs that are full of actual content to songs that are filled with lyrical word play.. This is that soul food for ya ears you feel me..That lyrical food full of soul that we’ve been missing from the new generation of rappers in NY

What’s next for you in 2019?

Big Tings, Big tings ya heard.. This label I started.. ODBM Productions or OnDaBeatz Mafia Productions.. is a true testimony to what I mean by me saying “I want to make change”.. But not on a small scale (like lifestyle choices), but big change on some HOV (Jay-z) ish.. I wanna make other people millions as well,  while not just focusing on myself.. What I mean by that, is exactly what I want to do with this label and what it stands for. I want this to be the first big record label that focuses mainly on its producers.. not just myself as the rapper or future rappers to come .. I have this strong belief that if all the producers in the game right now join together.. Mind you, it’s only like 4 to 6 of them at that the top. (That actually run the radio by plays)... If they were all on the same label.. That label would eat. And not only the label but for the first time on rare occasion the producers would be on the forefront.. Cuz everyone wants to be a rapper.. And all these rappers needs beats including myself. So currently on my label, at the moment I have three producers, 1 singer and 1 rapper including myself.. And at every chance I get, I want to big them up as well So they can eat and make their own bread instead of just being on a payroll. So at the End of the day when people want to know where my beats are coming from... Especially off my actual upcoming album “Unconventional”  (That I’m dropping after this mixtape “Soul Food”)..  Just know they all came in house from ODBM Productions.

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