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Jon Davis Shows Us What Happens When You Blend Classical and Modern Vocals in 'Easy"

Jon Davis is a Pop artist who blends his classical vocal training with modern styles. Since the start of his career, he has been seen in commercials, television, and film, and has created music with C-Ray of OnKey Entertainment and Sony / ATV for his album. Jon Davis recently released his single "Easy" and we are loving it.

"Easy" features deep pulsing bass, organic characterful drums, ambient moody pads, and an incredibly intimate honest raw vocal performance that easily highlights Jon Davis' melodic writing. There is a bit of an energetic bouncy feeling here that builds to an epic chorus that hits you right in the gut with a powerful vocal performance that soothes your mind before hitting you again with a mini drop that sends your body into dancing mayhem. There is a great sense of pushing and pulling here that was expertly master-crafted. Every element in "Easy" works together to create an intricate evolving wave of emotion that Jon Davis's vocals perfectly ride on before it crashes down into a mega chorus that you will easily be humming along with. We cannot wait for his new album and what he has in store for us.

Discover "Easy" here.



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