Jon Fuller Releases A Fresh New Hit!

Singer, songwriter and pianist Jon Fuller recently released a new single titled “Get Down”, a traversing funk-pop, jazzy-folk, and acoustic balladry that finds its blend between charismatic and dwellsome. Jon released a lyric video alongside to the song which was very compelling and captivating to see. In coordinate with the wisdom lyrics that holds a subliminal message, Jon writes his lyrics down on a notebook paper, bold and in your face for you to see!

“These songs come from my experiences, After all, what is the meaning of a moral if there isn’t a story behind it?” - Jon Fuller

Using multiple miniature “around the house” objects as animated characters, Jon tells us a story in a 3 minute and 32 second visual. One of my favorite traits about this song would have to be its theatrical sensibility. It’s tasteful and delightful with a hint of deep context. Jon allows his creative juices to flow while allowing our ability to decipher music comes in full affect. The hook is extremely addicting and bound to get embedded in our memory for lasting days. You can’t help but to sing along or dance by the time of the second rundown of the hook. This is definitely a tune you're going to want to immediately add to your feel-good playlist.

Listen to "Get Down" here and get to know Jon Fuller in our interview below!

Can you tell us a little about your upbringing and music background?
I've been playing the piano for the vast majority of my life -- going on 25 years at this point, which is pretty absurd. Music has been the one true constant in every stage of my life; when I was probably 12 years old, I started writing my own songs, and the feeling I got from marrying lyrics to music was something unlike anything I'd ever felt before. From that point on, I never really looked back, and I've been doing it ever since! This summer, I moved from New York City after living there for seven years to Los Angeles to pursue my own singer-songwriter career full time, so that's been a fun change to get used to.

You have a sense of theatricality to you, have you ever been apart of a show choir before?
I actually never was in a show choir, though I've worked with choirs in various capacities. I've done a lot of theatre work, but I also think that there is a real sense of storytelling and theatricality in so many of the songwriters I grew up with; people like Tori Amos and Mika and Barenaked Ladies all have, I believe, a theatrical element to the music they make, and I'd like to think I'm a part of that lineage.

What’s your personal favorite quality of “Get Down”?
I like that it tells a story that is a bit fraught while keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing -- and the spoons solo by John Lagomarsino, who produced the whole record, really makes the track.

Did you record the video to “Get Down” on your own? Tell us a bit about the filming process!
I did! Luke Yurkovich animated the lyric video for Dopamine Machine (and did amazing work, as far as I'm concerned), and the time came to create another lyric video. Originally it was going to be a much simpler video, using the sharpie-letters-on-notebook-paper conceit, but one thing led to another and suddenly there were all sorts of toys and figurines standing in for the various people mentioned in the song.

How would you lyrically interpret “Get Down” to you fans and our readers?
The thing I love about songs is that they get to be whatever the listener wants them to be about. For my part, though, Get Down is a dramatized version of my own coming out story, complete with high school "beard," fraught parental conversations and all. Heavy stuff for sure, but with a happy ending!

What’s next for you in 2019?

I've got a small tour of tour dates in the West in the second half of January which I'm particularly excited about, and I'm currently furiously writing new songs for a full-length album that I'm hoping to have out in time for the beginning of summer 2019 -- lots of things on the docket, and as long as I can keep momentum going, it should be a pretty exciting year!

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