Jon Newell Is Stealing Our Hearts With New Song & Music Video 'Lethal Love'

Jon Newell just released a new tune titled 'Lethal Love' and it may just be the love soundtrack of your summer that you've been looking for! Jon expresses what it's like to be in love with someone who might not be a good match for him but he can't resist.

The song starts with twangy pop instrumentals that leads into a powerful vocal pop ballad. The song's actual tone of beat is straight forward, being catching to the ears, allowing for you as a listener, to take it in one full swing of things. It's a track you can find enjoyment in hearing. His vocalization making the track be bouncy yet moving.Jon Newell and his music are a total heart-throb. We can't wait to hear what's yet to come.

Stream 'Lethal Love' on Spotify.

Geting To Know Jon Newell

Jon Newell is a singer-songwriter with roots in Rockford and Grand Rapids, MI. Jon was part of the popular Michigan-based high school rock band Tribune. The band, led by singers Jon and Scott, went on a tour of the Midwest, playing legendary venue The Double Door in Chicago and many more. This was all accomplished before the band mates were finished with high school.

After taking some time to finish his education, as well as work on a few business ventures and musical side projects following school, Jon quickly became bored and felt the desperate need to get back to writing his own music.

Jon has since jumped back into several studios for an official solo project (produced by Double R), and has been able parlay his well-appreciated look and skilled vocal chords into something new and exciting, calling back to a younger Usher or Justin Timberlake with a gritty feel that makes you want to hear more. Having already released two new singles, expect lots of fresh and exciting new music and collaborations from this young man in the near future, and an EP in early 2019.

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