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Jon Omen Releases His Fiery Single and Music Video, "Hearts Bleed Fire"

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, the alt-pop artist and singer-songwriter Jon Omen touches on the bigger picture with his latest single and music video entitled "Hearts Bleed Fire."

Jon Omen always obtained a profound passion for music, although it wasn't until after serving with the Marine Corps that he began creating connections with local studios and artists. Having played in several bands across SLC, Jon Omen is now settling with his unique non-genre-conforming sound.

Now releasing his tantalizing single, "Hearts Bleed Fire," alongside a conceptual music video, Jon Omen is stopping at nothing until his audience is screaming his lyricism at the top of their lungs. With visuals of knights dueling to the death and lyricism surrounding risking it all to be with someone you love, Jon Omen offers an exciting experience the entire way through.

Expanding on the single itself, "Hearts Bleed Fire" opens with a pulsating bassline and airy drum patterns, making for an irresistible sonic atmosphere. Once Jon Omen begins singing of going the distance, although he wasn't sure of the outcome, he later sings of risking it all to be with someone he deeply desires. The surrounding sonics offer an incredibly tight and thorough soundscape through the heavy alternative flairs and electronic melodies.

Taking a look at the video, we're met with scenes of winter war through a lady in red who holds the crown for the winner of the forthcoming duel. As Jon Omen offers an exceptional performance standing in front of a burning heart, he later jumps into battle to risk it all and fight for the love he dreams of. We're truly impressed with the video's cinematic feel, as it transports us back in time to harsher and more primal days of living.

Allow Jon Omen to take you through exhilarating passion with his latest single, "Hearts Bleed Fire," and the song's accompanying music video now available on YouTube.

We're wildly impressed with the sonics and visuals throughout your latest single and music video, "Hearts Bleed Fire." What initially inspired you to create such a heavily passionate and energetic tune like this?

I wanted to write a song about triumph, both for me and all the people out there that have been hustling and feel like they’re burning their candle on both ends. This song is about pushing forward and sticking with it, no matter the obstacle. Until you’ve finally won your battle. I wanted to use knights in the video because of the symbolism of the journey of a warrior taking the crown.

What sound and feel were you going for within the production and sonics for "Hearts Bleed Fire?" How did you want your audience to feel from the song's atmosphere?

I first and foremost wanted the track to be powerful, and for it to be influenced by synth-wave. I wanted the audience to feel empowered, and ready to go out and achieve their goals and dreams in life.

What inspired the nostalgic ideas of knights and duels for your latest music video, "Hearts Bleed Fire?"

I’ve always loved fantasy, anything from lord of the rings to Game of Thrones. I’ve always been inspired by the heroes of those stories and wanted to portray that in this video.

Did you have a team accompany you on the set of your music video for "Hearts Bleed Fire?" What was your shooting process like?

Gordon Cowie was the producer and cinematographer, and he is an awesome one-man show. Although it took us a couple of months to get the moving parts in order, it was really just me, Gordon, and the knights. It was really tough getting up and down those sand dunes in that armor and hauling that heart up to the top to burn to a crisp. The shooting process was absolutely freezing cold. When I say cold, I don’t mean someone turned the thermostat down a tad. I mean our cinematographer was trying to dethaw himself with his car’s heating vents, and I almost got lit on fire when he threw the gas can onto the heart to make it burn just a little longer while I stood underneath it. It was a crazy two days of shooting but overall, overcoming hypothermia and almost burning to death – ten out of ten would do again. It gave us incredible shots, a video we were all really proud of in the end.

What's next for you?

I have a whole lot of songs coming out this year on my first album and am currently working on a second album for the following year. I’ve put a lot of work into all of these songs and can’t wait to show everyone.



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