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Jonny Jontay Turns Up the Heat With His Jungle Inspired Single

Jonny Jontay reigns supreme as a talented artist specializing in Hip-hop and rap music. Focusing on his craft, Jonny Jontay has made a name for himself as a skilled and versatile industry professional, with many different flows and an indispensable passion for what he is capable of.

The surefire solution for all rap enthusiasts, he has made it his life’s purpose to make the best rap music to uplift those whose lives would be enriched by it. His strong creative and performance skills make him a keen advocate for his listeners, proactively seeking out new ways to enhance his services and continually attain excellence, with listener satisfaction the ultimate objective.

Returning with a simmering new release, Jonny Jontay brings forth the enticingly witty single “Akuna Matata My Chick.” With ease-infused instrumentation that rumbles a tropical sense of jungle life, there’s a delicate essence that hails from the musical structure.

Transporting you to a place where you can mentally envision life-like images to reinforce the laidback verses served up by Jonny Jontay, this record serves as one that you can immerse yourself deep within. Jonny Jontay has a comforting tone in the way he approaches his lyrical dexterity. Chalked full of an unmatched swagger, the effortless persona that he embodies has us latching onto the grace that’s conveyed. “Akuna Matata My Chick,” provides us with a lyricism that disperses crafty lyrics like, ‘2 big dogs that’s 1 big pit. Baby so bad can’t call her bit.’

Weaving us through the glossy rhythm that is implemented, we dare you to try and listen to this song without falling into the pulsating essence emitted. Fully absorbed in everything that this track offers to listeners, there’s no denying the continuously immersive styling of Jonny Jontay’s artistry. Taking us deeper into a spectrum of musical creations with each release, there’s a reason why he’s garnering the attention that he is.

Hello Jonny Jontay, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your latest new single, “Akuna Matata My Chick.” Where did you find the inspiration for such a witty title and concept?

The title comes from the lion king movie. I basically wanted to show my appreciation for the movie. The concept is meant to tell women to have no worries I'm with you and I got you.

With such a knack for wordplay, you serve up some extremely thought-induced bars. Where does your inspiration come from for the way you tackle your songwriting?

My inspiration comes from many people from many different backgrounds and cultures.

Compared to other songs heard in your music catalog, how does this track compare?

It's my flow that evolved into a higher thought level.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the themes and overall vibe of this song?

I hope they take that vibe is not complete without another half.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

I am very open-minded when I come up with my songs and usually love to support others in their music career.

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