Jonquall From Memphis Goes Viral On TikTok

You've probably heard of Memphis educator and football player Jonquall, who recently blew up on viral video platform TikTok.

Before making waves on the video app, Jonquall signed to play college football and received awards like 1st Team NCCAA All American, 1st Team All Mid-South Conference, and 1st Team NFLPA Kentucky All Commonwealth Team.

He later ventured into high school teaching and started becoming known for his witty personality and not calling students by the right name on the first day of class. Now, Jonquall is in graduate school, where he started making videos that went viral on TikTok through ample football-inspired content that showcase his humorous remarks, positive vibe, and dedication to the sport.

He's currently getting his Bachelors in Exercise Science and has decided to move from Memphis to sunny Los Angeles, taking his career as an influencer even further. For anything football or even just a pick-me-up, don't hesitate to visit Jonquall's TikTok, as he'll definitely whip you into shape, crack you up, or both.